Spring Traditional Freezer Menu Vol. 24

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Spring Traditional Freezer Menu Vol. 24

15 Dinners
Looking for easy freezer dinner ideas you can prep ahead of time? Check out our Spring Traditional Freezer Menu with delicious dishes like Shrimp Fajitas and Buffalo Chicken Gyros. Get dinner on the table in no time for the family with these quick meals.
15 Dinners

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  1. On the recipes that have frozen spinach- does the spinach need to be thawed and squeezed or just straight into the recipe as is/

    1. If a recipe has that in the list, it will be listed in that recipe’s individual instructions. It will also be listed in the menu’s recipe cards! Is there a recipe in particular you are looking at?

  2. I am really sad that breakfast and lunch is gone. IT takes a long time to go threw the reipces to build my own. I am mom of 5 and I am married plus someone else living with us that is 8 people I need to have breakfast

    1. Amy, I am sorry for any inconvenience we caused you. So you know, we have over 600 other menus in our database that include breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You are welcome to use any of those previous versions to save yourself some time as they are all tried and true menus! For example, if you like this Spring Traditional Freezer Menu Vol. 24, I urge you to look at Vol. 23, 22, 21, and so on for more of the same types of menus; however, those will include with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options! All are seasonal to spring and have been thoroughly tested by our team. If you have more questions, or would like other recommendations, please email us at info@onceamonthmeals.com so we can further assist you. Making certain you are well-taken-care-of and having the best experience possible with Once a Month Meals is our #1 priority!

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