Menus / Paleo / Summer Paleo Freezer Menu Vol. 1


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  1. For some reason, the printing setup of these recipes is very strange. 30 pages for the recipe cards seems like waaaay too much, and when i try to print the labels, it prints in a weird format with “scroll bars” to the side of each label, and the entire contents won’t print. When I click the link it looks great, though. I’m confused!

    1. Hi, Meghan. I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with printing. You might need to adjust your print settings. This article might help if you aren’t familiar with how to do that. The recipe cards for the menu should be about 20 pages. Since the label info for these recipes is also on the shorter side it does sound odd that scroll bars are showing up for you. If adjusting the print settings doesn’t remedy the issue please feel free to hop on a chat with us and we’d be happy to help figure out what is going on. We’re here every weekday from 10am-2pm EST and weekends 2pm-5pm EST.

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