Winter Instant Pot Dump and Go Mini Menu Vol. 1

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Winter Instant Pot Dump and Go Mini Menu Vol. 1

10 Dinners
This 2 in 1 Slow Cooker, Instant Pot, easy to assemble, mini menu can be prepped in 2 hours or less. These fast and easy freezer meals make 10 recipes doubled to 20 meals total! Save time and enjoy delicious meals like Honey Bourbon Chicken and Beef Stroganoff.
10 Dinners

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  1. When it says quantities based on serving each recipe two times, does that mean I should select 12 for a family of 6? Or does it just mean that if I am serving six, the shopping list will be for two dinners of that meal?

    1. Great question. You should select 6 if you’re serving a family of six. For the sake of efficiency, our system automatically doubles all of your meals for you so that you can serve each meal twice (so you’ll get two of each meal, 6 servings each).

  2. I am dismayed to continue to see Instant Pot recipes which include dairy ingredients frozen into the precooked portion. EVERY time I have tried to cook one of these recipes, the bottom of the insert has developed a scorched-on layer that has interfered with proper sealing, pressurizing, and cooking of the recipe. According to the Instant Pot manual and sites such as Hip Pressure Cooking, dairy ingredients should be kept *out* of the instant Pot until the finishing steps of the recipe. I have ruined a lot of food because of this scorching issue (and I think we ended up with food poisoning once, due to the chicken ending up undercooked). I have been cooking with my Instant Pot regularly for over a year, and all of my other recipes which do *not* contain flour or dairy ingredients turn out fabulous. I have wanted to recommend OAMM to members of my pressure cooking Facebook page, but I cannot do that in good conscience while these troublesome recipes are still included.

    1. I am so sorry for your trouble and frustrations.

      The most important thing to remember is that the majority of users (us included) are on a learning curve with the Instant Pot, and cooking meat from frozen using this method is a fairly new concept. I have personally made several of the freezer meals that contain dairy prior to freezing/cooking in the IP, and have had no problem with scorching or burning as long as they contain enough liquid. But with so many variables (like what kind of containers they are frozen in etc.), I can definitely see how this could be an issue for others.

      As for the meal not cooking through all the way, adjusting cooking times can be necessary, especially when cooking from frozen. When the meat is frozen as a group in the middle, you will find that you occasionally will have to add more time. That is simply a by-product of cooking thick pieces of frozen meat together or cooking a whole frozen meal.

      There may be a few troubleshooting things we can do to help, though:

      Prior to freezing, cut the meat into smaller portions: We add this in the instructions for Instant Pot recipes, but this can help the frozen meat cook more thoroughly and through to the middle

      Place the frozen meal on a trivet: This will help the heat circulate around the meal rather than mainly at the bottom.

      Break up the frozen meal: If you have a large frozen chunk, try breaking up the one frozen chunk into smaller chunks, this way there is less to cook through in the Instant Pot as a whole.

      Partially defrost the frozen meal: If you have time, try partially defrosting the meal so there is less frozen ingredients to cook through. (This may change your cooking times overall using this method).

      Natural release for longer amounts of time or completely: Natural release will allow for cooking to continue without added more cooking time and pressure.

      Lastly, you can cook fully from thawed. This is obviously outside of the cooking from frozen recommendations. This will, however, almost guarantee that your meal is cooked to completion in the time allotted.

    2. I’m still very new to the IP cooking but I saw a video that used pot in pot cooking for things with dairy. You take the trivet and add a oven safe glass or stainless steel bowl to put on top. You put the water at the bottom and your meal in the bowl. It will prevent the scorched dairy on the bottom.

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