Winter Instant Pot Freezer Menu Vol. 4

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Winter Instant Pot Freezer Menu Vol. 4

15 Dinners
Check out these delicious freezer meals for your Instant Pot that will save you time this winter! You’ll love our soups, Orange Chicken and Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. With 15 dinners you can double to make 30 meals, you'll get use out of your Instant Pot this winter!
15 Dinners

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    1. Great question! Many of our diet, low carb (20 g carb per serving or less) and keto (5% of calories or less from carb) are great options for those looking for diabetes-friendly recipes. We also hired a dietitian within the past few months and hope to be able to offer more diabetes recipes and menus in the future!

  1. Do these recipes have to be made using the 64 ounce round containers or could freezer bags be used? My freezer isn’t big enough to store that many containers.

    1. It does not have to be in round containers but if it is not, the meals will likely need to be defrosted before cooking (a benefit of the Instant Pot is not having to defrost) as the shape will not fit.

  2. When I choose 2 servings, I get groceries for 2 but recipes for 4. How do I get recipes with 2 servings? Besides hand calculating.

    1. Hi Charlotte, When you put in 2 servings you get 4 because it automatically doubles the recipe to make the meal twice (2 servings served 2 times). If you just want 2 servings for 1 time, I would suggest putting in 1 serving. And instead of splitting your ingredients into 2 containers/bags, just put them into 1 bag for the 2 servings. I hope this helps!

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