Easy Ranch Chicken - Dump and Go Dinner

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Easy Ranch Chicken - Dump and Go Dinner

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4 Servings
4 Ingredients

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and oh-so-good served alongside green beans for dinner or chopped and perched on top of a crisp, green salad for lunch.

4 Servings
4 Ingredients


  • ¼ cups Ranch Dressing
  • ⅓ cups Bread Crumbs
  • 2 pounds Chicken, Boneless Breasts
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  1. I made these last night with a slight variation and they were delish!! Instead of frying the chicken, I lightly coated the chicken with spray oil (I use my own olive oil in a sprayer bottle) and then baked the chicken on non-stick foil. It tasted fried and my kids loved the ranch taste.Thanks!!

  2. I made this with home made Ranch and panko bread crumbs and used it from straight the freezer. But…I baked it at 400F (convection oven)for 20 minutes on an oiled cookie sheet, turned it, then baked for another 20 minutes. It turned out fabulous. Served it with broccoli.Husband asked how much we had of it in the freezer because he could eat it once a week!

  3. this is a good idea…but its hard to find ranch dressing without MSG..which makes me really sick. But i’ll try it when I find a good dressing.

    1. Could you make your own ranch dressing? I am starting to do that and am finding it is MUCH easier than I had imagined. And no MSG.

  4. Due to my new work schedule we’re in a habit of me making meals the night before and DH microwaving the next time for him and the kids. If I baked this the night before, do you think it could be easily reheated and still taste good?He and the kids get home at 6, so they don’t really have an hour to wait for it to bake and DH is not confident enough in the kitchen to even attempt pan frying. I’m lucky to get him to make pasta right now, lol.

  5. Help! Can someone give me tips on pan frying? I always end up with meat blackened on the outside and still raw in the center. The directions say “medium high.” On my gas stove that’s halfway between Medium and High, right?? When I check the flame under the pan it appears to be halfway between the center of the pan and the outer edge of the pan. That sounds like it SHOULD be about right according to the directions. It will seem like it’s not browning at all, but then suddenly when I take a peek it’s already black underneath….Can someone help this frustrated cook??

    1. Sandy, I’m sorry for your frustration! I have a few suggestions. First, often times gas stoves burn hotter and cook faster than electric stoves do. You may adjust the directions for your stove and reduce the heat, especially with chicken which you definitely want to cook all the way through! Another suggestion from my own experience pan frying is that smaller or thinner pieces of meat cook more evenly. Sometimes I will cut my chicken into strips or pound it out with a mallet into cutlets before I bread and pan fry them. This allows me to get that nice crisp edge, but they still cook through to the middle. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks for your suggestions, Kim. I like your idea of making the pieces more uniform in thickness. When I get ready to cook the batch I have in the freezer I will start at a lower temp, and next time I’ll either flatten the pieces or cut them into strips. Thanks again for your prompt reply!

        1. I agree with this 100% I slice the breast horizontally so that it is two much thinner breasts. So much easier for cooking and grilling.

    2. Sandy – something I have done in the past was to pan fry until golden, then place them on sheet pan in the oven to finish off . This eliminates those dark edges while cooking through.

    1. I’m sorry that happened. Did you dip in ranch prior to dipping into the bread crumbs? It also helps to make sure the chicken is dry before dipping into the ranch. Hopefully that helps!

  6. How long do you cook the chicken after you cooked it for 12 to 15 minutes to make it a golden brown do you leave it on medium or do you simmer it for an hour and nine minutes or what you don’t tell me

    1. Hi Jeanie, that’s a great question. Since you’re pan frying the chicken, your chicken should be cooked in 12-15 minutes to golden brown depending on the size of your chicken breast. You shouldn’t have to cook the chicken longer than the directions say. I hope this helps and this meal turns out fantastic for you! Let us know what feedback you may have if you cook it.

  7. For a variation, I’m going to try to add dry ranch dressing mix to the breadcrumbs – I ended up baking the second batch as the first batch were too greasy for my family.

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