Welcome to the Once a Month Meals Community!  Activate your Community Profile to Start Meeting Other Freezer Cooks!

It’s so easy to activate your profile!  Watch our Tutorial Below or Follow the Written Steps

How to Create and Activate Your Community Profile Instructions

  1. Sign into your Once a Month Meals Account
  2. In the top right hand of the page, click on the upside down carrot next to your name
  3. Click on “Settings
  4. Under your Account Settings, click on “Start Profile
  5. Fill out the profile form with your username, a bio, and a picture! and click “Start Profile”  **Note your username will be visible to other members as your handle
  6. You will then be re-directed to your profile where you can make any additional edits/changes.
  7. To activate your community profile, click “Community” in the top right corner of the page next to Videos.
  8. You have now activated your community account and can start participating in the community! 🎉