The Dilemma: 

Do you find yourself looking for a recipe  (i.e. stuffed peppers) but don’t have a specific ingredient you want to use or have a food allergy you are trying to avoid (i.e. chicken, beef)?  You want to eliminate the ingredient you don’t have/want, but scrolling through the search results and viewing recipes can be time consuming.

The Solution:

In addition to our Recipe Categories to search for recipes, you can now use the search bar at the top to eliminate ingredients by name using a special search feature!

How Do I Do This?!

To exclude ingredients in a search, type the exclamation mark (!) before the ingredient/term you want to exclude from your results.  For example, let’s say we don’t want any recipes with Salmon in them, we would type in !salmon in the search bar.

Ingredients/Terms with More Than One Word

Unlike salmon that is only 1 word, some ingredients are more than one word (i.e. ground beef, cream cheese, cheddar cheese).  When you want to exclude an ingredient/term that is more than 1 word, you should wrap the term in quotes.  For example, if we don’t want any recipes with ground beef, we would then type in !”ground beef” in the search bar.

Searching For More Than One Ingredient/Term

Sometimes, you may have more than 1 item you are trying to avoid (i.e. crab, lobster, shrimp, peanut butter) and you want to search to exclude them all at once.  To do this, you will use multiple exclamation points (!) after each term/ingredient to avoid.  For example, if we don’t want recipes with crab, lobster, shrimp, and peanut butter, we would then type in !crab !lobster !shrimp !”peanut butter” in the search bar.  “Note that since peanut butter is two words, we wrapped them in quotes”


Other Examples:

Below are some sample scenarios you may look for, and how we would suggest you setting up your search box using the rules to exclude ingredients.

  • I want a soup that doesn’t have chicken and rice.  soup !chicken !rice
  • I don’t want any recipes with cream cheese.  !”cream cheese”
  • I don’t want any soup, stew, or chili recipes.  !soup !stew !chili