You will see brief descriptions under each topic, but here are some examples:

Dietary Preference:

We have created topics for each dietary preference and menu type where you can connect with other cooks who eat the same way you do. Encourage one another to swap recipes and menus, give suggestions on where to find ingredients, and support each other in the lifestyle you share. You can also search for suggestions related to a particular appliance, or simply bond over your love of slow cookers, instant pots, etc.

Get Started:

You will also find a topic to help you “Get Started”. Newbies, make sure you stop here! But veterans, please scan this category too and see if you can help by sharing your expertise.

Freezer Cooking:

There is a general category for Freezer Cooking which includes but isn’t limited to questions/answers, tips, tricks, your freezer cooking story, meal planning, etc.

Tech Support & Bugs:

If you are having technical difficulties or want to find out about our newest updates to the site, head to the Tech Support & Bugs category.

As previously mentioned, new Topics are being added on a regular basis. To see the full list of topics and their descriptions, click here.