Our Why

Meal planning services, apps and more are a dime a dozen, and you don’t need another monthly paid, over-glorified recipe organizer that barely scratches the surface of your needs, much less that of your entire family’s needs. We want to radically improve your dinnertime routine, and make you the unsung hero of the kitchen, no matter how unlikely that may feel to you right now. Yes, our single goal is to make your meal planning moments few and far between. We’re more than just a service. We’re a membership. We’re a community.

To continue to focus on our community and core values, we implemented a new enrollment process in October of 2018 where we only accept new members during select times during the year.  We want to focus on our current members, build community, and love on our members in new ways. Whether you’re an existing member, a past member, or considering joining us, scroll through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to get all your questions answered.  If there’s a question we haven’t answered, hop in our LIVE chat at the bottom of any page of our site or email us at info@onceamonthmeals.com.

Membership Model Change FAQs

What is changing at Once A Month Meals?

We have been making changes to our membership model; therefore, will not be accepting new or inactive members on an open basis.  The old membership model allowed customers to join at any time. The new model is that we have limited times of the year that we allow new and inactive customers to join.

Does this mean you are closing Once A Month Meals?

We are NOT closing the doors of Once A Month Meals.

We are still very much open! Rather, we will be pouring all our energy and efforts into our current customers so that we can focus more on their needs and supporting them in every way possible.

Why are you no longer accepting new members?

Simply put, to focus on our current members.  

It has been nearly 10 years since we first began, and SO MUCH has changed in those 10 years. Growth and change are good, and we want to make our offering to our members that much better. Because of that, we want to take time to hone in on what is working well, improve the things that aren’t, and support our members in new and exciting ways!

What can we expect from this change?

  • More time focused on our current members and their needs.
  • Improvements to our membership for our current paying customers.
  • More time teaching, equipping, and giving one-on-one assistance to our members who have invested in us.
  • More time spent with the member’s only  community.

Why do you need to stop letting in new customers to focus on your current customers?

We are a small and family oriented team at Once a Month Meals. We believe in quality over quantity and feel like the personal touch we can offer our members outweighs the quantity of just bringing in new members.

How is it going to be different from what it is now?

By focusing less on gaining new members, we can focus more on our current customer through engagement, support, and one on one assistance.  We understand freezer cooking is not just a meal prep plan, but also a lifestyle change. That said, we want to help our customers and members transform their daily meal planning routines to combat the 6 o’clock rush that happens every day. Therefore, we want to support our current members, and future members like you, through this journey and help them achieve their goals!

When will membership reopen?

The next membership is scheduled to open to the public August 2019.  If you are not signed up for our waitlist, please sign up to receive exact open dates and the latest information from us.

What changes will happen to the membership after you reopen?

The price may increase.  We hope to create new offerings within the Once A Month Meals membership to increase the value and give you the most bang for your buck!  We will be spending more time with our members, focusing on increasing the value of our membership and sharing more of our knowledge with you!  See our FAQ below on what will be changing during our closed period!

Interested in Membership FAQs

Do I still have time to join?

Currently, membership is closed.  Our membership will re-open to the public in August of 2019.  We can’t make any guarantees that the price point will be the same, so be sure to sign up for our waitlist for the latest information.

Do I have to sign up for a specific membership plan?

NO! You can sign up for a monthly or yearly membership.  We want you to choose whatever plan will be best for you.  You can also switch plans during a closed enrollment period.  So if you start monthly, but want to switch to a yearly membership to save costs, you can do that at any time as long as your membership is active.

If I do not join before the next close date, when can I join? If I cancel my membership after the next join date, when can I rejoin?

Our next open membership for the public will be in August of 2019.

What if I want to join while membership is closed?

If you want to join after our close date, you can easily join our priority notification waitlist to be the first to purchase when we reopen!  We will be sending all of the information about reopening and purchasing to our waitlist so that you are the first to know!

What does it mean to be a member?

Our Once a Month Meals membership is a paid service. Our membership is more than just a daily meal planning tool. With a membership you get:

  • 24-Hour Access to our Menu Builder Tool
  • Daily, Real-Time One-on-One Support
  • Weekly tips and encouragement
  • New menus sent to your inbox each month
  • Community groups with other members following similar dietary restrictions (Keto, Diabetes-Friendly, etc.)
  • Members-Only Freezing Cooking Videos
  • Members-Only Community

Where is the Once A Month Meals Community and how do I join?

The Once A Month Meals Community is a members-only service with our paid membership. You can join our community by signing up for a membership during open membership.

Are you still going to offer free menus?

We will continue to release new menus on the 1st of each month; however, these are only available to members.

Current Member FAQs

Will I still have access to my membership during the closed membership period?

A huge YES!

You will still have access to everything during our closed time frame: recipes, favorites, menus, videos, the community and more.  We will still be bringing you loads of new menus, recipes, tips, tricks, member only live events, personal assistance and more on a monthly basis within our closed months! However, we want our focus to be more intentional and purposeful than ever before.

Will monthly membership renew with this new model?

YES! As long as you have your monthly membership active and paid, your monthly membership will continue to renew each month.

How does this affect my membership?

As long as you are a current member when we close, nothing will change with your membership.  If you cancel your membership during the period we are not taking new members, you will not be able to re-join until we re-open.

What will be changing/new when it reopens?

The Once a Month Meals Staff works tirelessly during our closed periods to revamp and make changes.

Our goals are to:

  • Focus on our member needs
  • Better educate and connect members with freezer cooking resources
  • Explore how we better serve your needs

For example, after our first closed period we were able to:

Membership Updates

  • Offered Making the Most of Your Membership Webinars for members with one-on-one support from OAMM staff
  • Locked Menus and Recipes to members only
  • Increased Community Engagement in our OAMM community
  • Increased dedicated customer engagement staff and offered personalized member videos and messages
  • Offered Members Only Cooking Videos
  • Revamped our Get Started page and on boarding to freezer cooking process

Menu Builder Software Updates

  • Added Serving Day Ingredients to Labels
  • Audited recipes in our Menu Builder database for quality and improvements
  • Added more side dishes to our database for meal planning with main dishes

Can I stop paying, then start again, and still be a member?

You can cancel your membership and rejoin at a later time; however, you can only rejoin/sign up during open enrollment times for membership. Therefore, if you cancel your membership now, you will not be able to rejoin until our next open period.

Will you make exceptions for members who hop on and off from month to month?

Unfortunately, we will not be letting members back in until we open again in our next open period.

Other FAQs

I’m having a baby while new memberships are not available, and I was hoping to prep meals before my due date — what can I do?

You can still freezer meal prep during our closed period. Here are some great posts for you to check out and utilize to get you started!

I received a gift card. Will I still be able to use it?

Yes, you will still be able to use your gift card, but only when we are open to new memberships.  You can use your gift card during open periods of membership enrollment. However, you cannot use a gift card during our closed periods.

I’m a test cook — will I still be awarded my membership if I qualify during the time the cart is closed?

Yes, as a test cook, if you qualify for your complimentary membership during a closed period, you will receive it.