First and foremost, while Once a Month Meals strives to be a resource for as many health and allergy needs as possible, we are not healthcare professionals and advise you to consult with yours directly on your personal needs.

However, we did have to build some guidelines into our tag system in order to create a baseline for specific diets such as Paleo Zone, Low Carb, and Low Sodium. Please reference the guidelines below.

Paleo Zone Tags:

For all recipes tagged as “Zone”, you will find recipes that are categorized by their blocks for protein as outlined by the Zone Diet.

The Zone Diet is about focusing and controlling your hormones through food. Eating a food regimen where protein, fat, and carbs are in balance, in turn, balances the hormones in your body. This yields a positive return on your body composition, energy utilization, and blood chemistry.

You will find the following types of food emphasized in these recipes:

  • Proteins – lean, natural meats
  • Carbohydrates – mostly low glycemic fruits and vegetables
  • Fats – Good saturated fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, animal fat, avocados, nuts, butter and ghee

With zoning, you get a set amount of blocks per day according to your weight, body fat, and activity level. You then create your meals with a balanced amount of blocks. A one block meal consists of one choice of protein, one choice of carbohydrate, and one of fat.

Here are the mounts for each block:

  • 1 block Protein = 7 grams
  • 1 block Carbohydrate = 9 grams
  • 1 block Fat  = 3 grams

As mentioned before our tags are noted by the biggest macronutrient, protein. Some recipes will have a 4 block protein, 3 block carb, and 3 block fat, for example. In these instances, you will need to then add one block of fat and carbs to the meal to make a perfectly balanced zone meal.

For more information visit:

Here is a great food guide on blocks for common foods:

Low Carb Tags

All recipes tagged as “low carb” have 20g of carbs or less per serving.

If you need lower than that (i.e. ketogenic diet), then you will have to check the nutritional information included in our Diet and Paleo recipes individually to find what you need. The “Whole30” tag is also a good place to start as there are no added sweeteners, even natural ones.

Low Sodium Tags

All recipes tagged as “low sodium” have 500mg or less per serving.

We recommend that you seek out and purchase low sodium ingredients when possible, even if the grocery list does not specifically list low sodium options.