√ We Plan √ They Shop √ You Cook

We are excited to announce that you can now use Instacart to shop for ingredients for your freezer meal ingredients on our site!

Instacart is a grocery delivery service where shoppers will shop for your groceries and deliver them to your house!  Hooray for saving time on your meal planning!

Depending on your location, Instacart may or may not be available and the stores you can shop from will also vary.  *You can check your zip code HERE to see if Instacart delivers in your area!

When you are ready to use Instacart, you can do so by either purchasing ingredients on 1) a Curated Menu or 2) your Custom Menu!   Below are instructions and tutorial videos on how to purchase and place an order!

Things to Watch For Before You Check Out:

1. Instacart does NOT pass quantities for ingredients.

This grocery shopping integration does pick up on the item you need, but not how much of it you’ll need. Because of that, you will need to do a side-by-side comparison to double check your Once A Month Meals “Shopping List” with the ingredients listed in your basket BEFORE checking out to make sure you have enough of each ingredient you need.

2. Instacart does NOT pick up on supplies (freezer containers, foil, etc.). 

Because this integration is based on food item for grocery shopping, it does not pick up on other nonperishable goods. You will need to add these supplies manually to your list in your basket.

3. Instacart does NOT pick up on specialty ingredients (i.e. Organic Ingredients, Gluten Free, etc.).

If you have a special diet or specialty needs for ingredients, this integration will not pick up on those niche ingredients. You will need to change the products in your shopping cart to the version and ingredient type that you want.

4. Instacart does NOT ALWAYS pick up on the correct ingredient (i.e. the type of chicken).  

Because this is a third-party integration, the items we list are not always what will be automatically pulled in. You will need to cross-check and verify the groceries from your Once A Month Meals Shopping List to your shopping cart’s list, and make adjustments.

5. Instacart will automatically ADD Serving Day Ingredients

Your “Serving Day Ingredients” are the ingredients you need AFTER your meal has been frozen. For instance, these can be toppings for soup, side items and more that will NOT be from. You will need to delete those ingredients off your list if you do not want to purchase them.

Purchasing Ingredients For a Menu

Menus Page Instructions

  1. Navigate to the menu you want to shop the ingredients for (can be a curated or custom menu)
  2. Adjust your serving size and measurement (US or Metric)
  3. Click on “Download All Resources
  4. On the Shopping List in the top right, click “Shop Ingredients
  5. Check to make sure the zip code is correct for your area.  Change the zip code if needed using the “Change Location” button.
  6. Once your zip code is correct, select the store you want to purchase groceries from (your choices may vary based on what’s in your region)
  7. Check the quantities and products for accuracy – you may need to swap out ingredients and change quantities based on your needs.  These may include: finding a replace for a product that did not find a match, upping the quantities on an item, changing out the item for a different brand (organic), and crossing items off your list you don’t need to purchase that you already have in your pantry.
  8. Once you’ve edited your shopping list, finish the process by logging into your account and purchasing your groceries! 🎉