1.  Search: Find advice, tips and more.

    Start by searching through conversations and see what others are talking about! Whether it’s menu options, favorite recipes or advice for freezing, discover all the ways in which our community is supporting one another!

  2. Connect: Engage with other freezer cooks.

    Once you find a conversation you like, engage in it! Respond with a word of encouragement, piece of advice, or maybe how you did it wrong! No matter the response, connect with other freezer cooks and engage in the conversation.

  3. Share: Tell your story and experience

    Last but not least, tell us about YOU! The other cooks in the kitchen can’t get to know you if you don’t share! So tell us about your first cooking day, the picky eaters in your household, or the diet you’re having a hard time sticking to. Whatever the story, whatever the experience level, we want to hear how you meal plan and make time for what matters most in your life.