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How Can I Edit My Profile?

Editing Your Profile Page On your profile page, simply select “Edit Profile” underneath your profile image. Once there you can adjust your username, location, bio, profile photo and header photo.   Adjust Your Settings To edit your email address, password,…

Where Can I Find Recipe or Menu Suggestions?

Search under the subtopic that best fits your dietary preference for example, Paleo, Diet, Allergen, etc. (We have 11 different dietary topics!) If you don’t really stick to any particular diet, look for Dietary Preference to see them all. Links…

What About Mean People in the Community?

Don’t be one. If you stumble across one, please flag the post, and a moderator will take care of it. Don’t feed the trolls. How to Flag: At the bottom of every conversation and response, there is a tool bar…

How to Stay Out of Trouble

Please read the Community Guidelines to get a full list of the details of what is and is not tolerated within the Once A Month Meals Community.

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