Simply put, an Add-on is a recipe within a recipe.

They are typically for those who like to make staple ingredients within a recipe from scratch, i.e. pizza dough, taco seasoning, spaghetti sauce, etc.

For example: 

We have a Thai Chicken Burger that calls for a Thai 7 spice mix. Rather than buy the spice mix, you would make the spice mix. (images below for example)

Other examples might be a lasagna recipe, but you would make the spaghetti sauce from scratch.

To Note:

Add-on recipes are most often seen on specialty menus such as Real Food/Whole Foods, Paleo, or Gluten Free Dairy Free. We have provided additional from-scratch recipes for certain ingredients for the benefit of those avoiding specific ingredients or just avoiding processed food altogether.

These include but aren’t limited to baked items such as tortillas, bread, pizza/pie crusts, etc.; canned or bottled items such as soups, broths, sauces, and condiments; and dry ingredients such as spice mixes, seasonings, marinades, and dressings.

The ingredient will be listed on the recipe card for the original recipe, but there will be a separate recipe card for the add-on ingredient.

Another example:

On the recipe card for BBQ Chicken Pizza, you will see “Homemade Pizza Dough” listed as an ingredient. You will also have a separate card for Add-on Homemade Pizza Dough.  You will want to make sure you prepare these add-ons as part of your prep day so you are ready to jump right into the recipe on your cooking day.

*You may, of course, choose to purchase these items in the grocery store for convenience, but you will need to remember to add the amount to your shopping list.


Add On Prep Sheet Screenshot

Add on Recipe Card Screenshot

Recipe with Add On as Ingredient