The Short Answer:

The Once a Month Meals system automatically doubles all recipes in a full size menu to leave you with 16 dinners, 8 lunches, and 6 breakfasts. We do this to account for leftovers, nights you eat out, as well as quick meals such as cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and so on.

Reasons we don’t plan a meal for EVERY day:

There are often times throughout the month where:

  • There is a gathering with friends or family where you eat together.
  • You eat leftovers from a previous meal that can go a long way.
  • You go out to dinner somewhere every so often.
  • You eat cereal or mac-n-cheese from the box for dinner (come on, we all do it!)
  • *We still leave room for cooking up a fresh meal, every now and then.

If you want to make all dinners:

With our membership, you can customize ANY menu to indeed get 30 meals for the month.

That said, there are four ways to make a menu:

  1. From An Existing Menu

    Make a menu by editing and customizing an already curated menu.

  2. From A Recipe

    Make a menu by finding a recipe you like and building a menu based on that single recipe.

  3. From Scratch 

    Make a menu totally from scratch using the “Create a New Menu” Button

  4. From Your Favorites

    Make a menu based on your favorite recipes using your “My Favorites” list.

You can edit and customize a menu by:

  1. Adding Recipes

    You can do this from a recipe page, or within your menu.

  2. Removing Recipes

    You can do this from within your menu.

Here is a “30 Dinners in One Day” Menu for you try also!

30 Dinners menu

Other ways to customize:

Our database of thousands of freezable recipes is organized by meal type, diet type, and cooking method, and searchable by ingredient.

As a member, you can create a menu of all dinners (15 dinner recipes will yield 30 meals!) or focus on other meals as needed. Maybe you don’t mind cooking so much each evening, but you want to create a menu of ready-made baked goods, sauces, and spice mixes so that you can streamline the process without resorting to convenience items. Between our created menus (full and mini) and your creativity in Menu Builder, we are confident that you will have what you need for the month!

Some other ways to think about menus: