You’re new to discovering Once A Month Meals and you’re stoked to sign-up only to realize you can’t join right this second.  The question comes into support often: Why should I wait months until you open when there are other freezer cooking sites out there?

Our Why

Meal planning services, apps and more are a dime a dozen, and you don’t need another monthly paid, over-glorified recipe organizer that barely scratches the surface of your needs, much less that of your entire family’s needs. We want to radically improve your dinnertime routine, and make you the unsung hero of the kitchen, no matter how unlikely that may feel to you right now.

To continue to focus on our community and core values, we implemented a new enrollment process in October of 2018 where we only accept new members during select times during the year.  We want to focus on our current members, build community, and love on our members in new ways.

We understand that our membership model isn’t right for everyone, but we have found it to mean that we are able to deliver a higher quality product and see customers experience more success since making this change. However, we totally understand that burning desire to get started right away!

I’m Interested in Membership Today – What Can I Do?

  1. Sign up for our newsletter or Waitlist and get started in learning freezer cooking right away with a FREE Mini Menu! You’ll get a free mini menu to cook with 5 recipes that double to 10 meals total! 
  2. Follow Us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest freezer cooking content and trends.  We go LIVE every Wednesday at 12 noon EDT on our Facebook Page.  
  3. Check out our Videos Page on our site for freezer cooking tips and tricks.  Many of our videos are open to non-members, and they will help you get oriented to what freezer cooking is and ways you can start adopting freezer cooking into your meal planning today.

Our Commitment To You

Although there are other freezer cooking and meal planning websites, there simply isn’t one that is comparable to the level of customization that we offer. We even will go as far as encouraging you to try them out while you wait, there is no harm in comparison. We welcome the opportunity to show you why we are different and worth the wait!

We are equally committed to helping you see success BEFORE you pay us money and will make sure that you are making progress in your meal planning while you wait. Being on the email list is also the best way to stay informed of any special promotions or enrollment opportunities.

Have More Questions? – Contact Us!

If you have any questions while you’re waiting to join, we invite you to come to ask us!  We’re here to support members on live chat from 2:00pm to 5:30pm Sunday-Friday (EST). Meaning, we’ll be there to answer any more questions or address any concerns or thoughts you have. You can also email us at