The daily struggle to get dinner on the table is REAL.

With a Once a Month Meals membership you can cook healthy, home-cooked meals for your family while spending less time in the kitchen.

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Meal planning services, apps and more are a dime a dozen, and you don’t need another monthly paid, over-glorified recipe organizer that barely scratches the surface of your needs, much less that of your entire family’s needs.

You need a lifestyle change.

One that combats dealing with cranky children, frustrated spouses, last minute schedule changes, and spur-of-the-moment plans that all seem to happen at 6 PM every day…

Are we getting close? Well, friend, that’s why we’re here.

It’s high time you feel…

  • like the dinnertime hero that you already are
  • successful in all the rotating and changing areas of your life
  • supported in your personal food journey
  • open to learning from the community around you
  • and ultimately, like daily cooking isn’t a chore

Become the priority

“What Once A Month Meals means to me is that, once again, I am a priority. I can go to the gym, guilt free 3 times this week. I can pop a Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole in the oven, set the timer, and walk out the door – GUILT FREE.”

— Rebecca Alwine

Become a Dinnertime Hero

  1. We’ll show you how to use freezer cooking to make meals when you actually have time, rather than trying to squeeze them into moments when you don’t.
  2. We will make providing daily meals to your family the easiest it’s ever been, and make enjoying those meals the best it’s ever been.
  3. You’ll spend less time cooking every day, and more time doing what matters most to you.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t take it from us, hear from other Once A Month Meals members!

For the busy family

“With homeschooling my 3 busy boys, all of their activities, plus running a household and a blog, dinner time around here is crazy. But with my Once A Month Meals membership, I no longer stress about putting a delicious meal on the table. With my freezer full of meals, all ready in an hour or less. It’s a game changer!”

— Deanna Lovecchio

For the dinnertime woes

“Definitely a “What’s for dinner?” game changer! Made the meal prep a family activity on a Sunday afternoon with a reward of pizza that night for dinner after clean up was done. Plenty of meals stocked in the freezer and stress-free evenings on our horizon. Highly recommend!”

— Susan Frampton

For the working parent

“This has changed my life. As a working mom time is precious and this has freed me from worrying about what’s for dinner each night. The menus are easy to customize and there is a lot of variety. As a bonus, the whole family can help warm up because the instructions are so easy and you just reheat the food. Highly recommend!”

— Jodi Snow

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Making Freezer Cooking Easy
& Freezer Meals Fast

What Freezer Cooking Means and What it Helps You Accomplish

We want you to adopt freezer cooking as a lifestyle because we believe it has the power to transform your day-to-day life from feelings of continual disorganized chaos in the kitchen (screaming kids anybody?), into a smooth, “made for real life” system that really works for you.

Meals are important for our health and for our families, yet too often they become an afterthought and are put off to the last minute.

Consider this…

Why not make meals when you have the most time, for the moments when you have the least?

We’ll help you make a menu full of make-ahead, ready to eat recipes that fit your family’s dietary needs so you can feed them at a moment’s notice, quite literally.

You deserve systems that actually work, but those systems and plans should return to you what is rightfully yours.

It is our goal to give you back:

  • The time you wasted using plans that didn’t fit your family
  • The money you spent trying new recipes and meals that fell flat
  • And the energy you used really trying to make them work for you and your family when all along you just needed more

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