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2019 April Meal Plans

It’s a new month 📅 and we have all new meal plans, AND A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Get behind-the-scenes look at April meal plans and get tips on using meal planning and freezer cooking to help you spring clean your diet! 🌷

Join our President and Founder, Tricia Callahan to reveal these all-new meal plans LIVE and talk about our favorite new ones and all the ways to prep!

April Seasonal Mini Meal Plans

How These Work:

5-6 recipes doubled to 10-12 dinners! Makes 2-3 week’s worth of meals. Requires less time to make & assemble.

April Seasonal Full Meal Plans

How These Work:

15 recipes doubled to 30 dinners! Makes a month’s worth of meals. Requires more time now, less time later!

April Seasonal Specialty Meal Plans

We create these specifically for the time of year and season!

P.S. These expire April 30th, so add them to your “My Meal Plans” so you have them forever!


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    1. If you’re asking about each individual recipe, you can get those by clicking the link. But to download the entire menu, you can simply choose your number of servings and then download all resources. If you want to actually save it, just click the button that says ‘Add To My Menus’ and that entire menu will be saved in your ‘My Menus’ section. And you can do that for additional monthly menus as well if you would like to save more than one!

  1. I was watching 20 meals in an hour for slow cooker or instant pot. I closed it and can’t find my way back. I believe it was live on April 1

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