2019 August Menus

It’s a new month 🚌 and everyone is heading back to school!  Get behind-the-scenes look at August menus, updates on our website since July, and tips on using meal planning and freezer cooking to help you survive the start of the school year! 🏫 And P.S. … We’re Open for New Members until 3PM EDT August 5, 2019!  🎉

August Seasonal Specialty Menus

We create these specifically for the time of year and season!

P.S. These expire August 31st, so add them to your “My Menus” so you have them forever!

August Seasonal Mini Menus

How These Work:

5-6 recipes doubled to 10-12 dinners! Makes 2-3 week’s worth of meals. Requires less time to make & assemble.

August Seasonal Full Menus

How These Work:

15 recipes doubled to 30 dinners! Makes a month’s worth of meals. Requires more time now, less time later!


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  1. I’m new and I’m in the southern hemisphere (Australia). I notice above that you mention menus expiring. Is that why I cannot find many winter menus at the moment?

    1. Great question! We currently don’t have any new winter menus out, but that is a correct observation. However, none of our recipes ever expire so you can still access recipes that work for you year-round and can make a custom menu to fit your need. If you need help locating these or getting your first custom menu underway- let us know in LIVE chat or shoot us an email at info@onceamonthmeals.com 🙂

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