Celebrate the Start of the New Year with Once a Month Meals!

It’s almost 2019 and to celebrate a GREAT year, we have some GREAT NEWS!! 

Membership is Open! 🎉

What is changing at Once A Month Meals?

We made some changes to our membership mode in fall of 2018; therefore, will no longer accept new or inactive members throughout the year. The old model is that we allowed customers to join at any time. The new model is that we have limited times of the year that we allow new and inactive customers to join.

We are currently OPEN for new members and will remain open until January 3rd, 2019 at 11:59PM EST!

How Do I Sign Up Before Membership Closes?


If you’re a new member, head over to our Join Page and Sign Up.

If you had a membership with us in the past, log in to your account.  Once logged in, go to your settings and select to “Change Membership” to reactivate your membership.

Have more questions?  Head over to our FAQ support article to get all your questions answered!


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