How does Once A Month Meals really help you?

Tip: Start at minute 6:49 to jump right into the interview!

Join us to hear from a real member LIVE about their experience!

We want to invite you to hear from real, current members today! We want to pull back the curtain and allow you to see what all you’ll be gaining by joining us now!

You’ll hear specifically from Annie (a member for less than 6 months) and Deanna (a member for over 2 years) to listen to their transformation stories and how Once A Month Meals has helped them combat the dinnertime and meal planning woes!


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  1. Thanks for this video. I am just wanting to get started with freezer meals and have been scared to take the jump. I have 4 picky kids and would love any favorite kid meals. So excited to try some mini meals and stock the freezer and make dinner less stressful!

    1. So excited you want to take the jump Sarah! Mini menus area great to stock your freezer FAST! Feel free to jump into chat if you need any recommendations as you get started!

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