Make-ahead these Pumpkin Treats for Fall!

Do you jump for joy when pumpkin treats and drinks re-appear at your favorite places? Then this is for you! 🎃

Join the Once A Month Meals team as we make-ahead these pumpkin treat recipes for the freezer! Yes, you heard that right! Make these ahead and freeze them for later!

What are we making?
Our NEW Fall Pumpkin Sweet Treats Mini Menu Vol. 1 (This menu goes LIVE on September 1st, so check back here for a direct link!)

Savor pumpkin long after fall ends with our Pumpkin Dessert Ideas that make tasty Fall Freezer Meals. Store Pumpkin French Toast and Pumpkin Doughnuts in your freezer for when you have the craving for a sweet treat!

These recipes are:
√ freezer friendly
√ include directions for making now or for the freezer
√ include pumpkin in each recipe
√ fall favorite sweet treats

This menu comes with:
– Organized Grocery Shopping List
– Prep Instructions
– Step-by-Step Cooking Day Instructions
– Individual Recipe Cards
– Printable Labels
– Thaw Sheet

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