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You decided to try us out and received your Keep It Simple Mini Menu, now what?

Founder and President, Tricia Callahan will get you ‘in-the-know’ and into the kitchen with confidence in this informative Quick Start video.

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  1. I am doing the Free Instapot mini menu.

    It looks like the beef needs to start off never frozen since I am going to freeze it raw and then cook from frozen. Is that correct.
    Unfortunately I have tons of frozen beef and was hoping to defrost it to cut it up properly for the recipes.
    How can you advise me on this?

    Also I have an instapot with a 10 c. Max line. Can I use a 72 oz round container (vs 64 oz. Oz listed) since I have a family of 5 to feed ?

    1. Hi, there! Even though your beef is already frozen, you very much can thaw and refreeze it to serve your needs! Just make sure that you thaw it properly for food safety. Additionally, you can use any freezer container your prefer so long as your frozen meal fits in your IP. If it’s too large for your IP from frozen, you’ll want to partially thaw your meal(s) and break them up (and that can ruin the magic of cooking from frozen ;)).

      Lastly, please feel free to stop into our LIVE chat or email us at Info@onceamonthmeals.com with any further questions or concerns about your menu! We’re here & happy to support you as you learn to freezer cook. 🙂

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