Slow Cooker & Instant Pot Meal Prepping for Back to School! (Partial Menu Prep)

Plan meals for your new, back to school routine with us! (Or just steal all our ideas to make this school year the easiest yet 😉)

Join the team a Once A Month Meals to prepare freezer meals for the Slow Cooker or the Instant Pot! We’ll show you how to prep, assemble, and freeze these meals FAST so you can have dinners ready in the freezer as soon as the new school year begins!

What does the menu include?
5 Easy to Assemble Recipes that Double to Make 10 Meals. (Put these together in less than 1 hour!)

Each menu comes with:
– Organized Grocery Shopping List
– Prep Instructions
– Step-by-Step Cooking Day Instructions
– Individual Recipe Cards
– Printable Labels
– Thaw Sheet

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