We Are Open For New Members Spring 2019 – Get Your Questions Answered!

We are so excited to be open to new members!  We have gotten LOADS of questions about signing up and the recent changes to Once a Month Meals.  Below are some frequently asked questions and our answers to your questions.

How Do I Sign Up Before Membership Closes again?

Simple!  If you’re a new member, head over to our Join Page and Sign Up.  If you had a membership with us in the past, login to your OAMM account.  Once logged in, go to your settings and select change membership to reactivate your membership.

What Memberships options do I have and what do they cost?

We have two options for membership.  You can choose a monthly subscription, which is $18/mo billed on the same day of each month unless you cancel.  You can also choose to do our yearly subscription, which is $162 for the year, and also billed on the same day each year unless you cancel.

Here is a helpful post that outlines the benefits of membership and here is how it works!

Can I sign up for monthly membership and it renew monthly or do you have to sign up for yearly?

YES! As long as you have your monthly membership activated before 11:59PM EST on April 4th, your monthly membership will continue to renew each month.

What can we expect from this change?

Since January, just a few things we’ve brought to our members are the ability to earn extra menu planning slots, instacart delivery services for their shopping lists, community groups (keto, weight watchers, whole 30), more personalized meetings and events, and our all new Diabetes-Friendly menu!

When will membership reopen?

Summer 2019

Have more questions?  Head over to our FAQ support article to get all your questions answered!

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