Your Questions Answered about our BIG change!

My team and I have gotten LOADS of questions about the adjustments coming up soon with our membership model change.

In the event that YOU may have a question too, I wanted to send the answers out to everyone!

What are you changing?

We will be making some changes to our membership model; therefore, we will not be accepting new or reactivated members starting Friday, October 19th. The current model is that we allow customers to join at any time. The new model is that we have limited times of the year that we allow new and inactive customers to join. We will begin taking on new members in early 2019.

WHAT? Does this mean you are closing Once A Month Meals?

We are NOT closing the doors of Once A Month Meals, like, in no way possible. We are still very much open! Rather, we will be pouring all of our energy and efforts into our current customers so that we can focus more on their needs, and supporting them in every way possible.

Can I sign up for monthly membership and it renew monthly or do you have to sign up for yearly?

YES! As long as you have your monthly membership activated before 11:59PM EST on October 18th, your monthly membership will continue to renew each month.

Why are you no longer accepting new members?

Simply put, to focus on our current members. It has been nearly 10 years since we first began and SO MUCH has changed in those 10 years. Growth and change are good, and we want to make our offering to you that much better. Because of that, we want to take time to hone in on what is working well, improve the things that aren’t, and love on our members in new and exciting ways!

What can we expect from this change?

We want to take more time to focus on our current members and their needs.
We want to revamp and improve our membership for our current paying customers.
We want to spend more time teaching, equipping, and giving one-on-one assistance to those we support and who have invested in us.

When will membership reopen?

Early 2019


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    1. Great question, Amara! Prices during this window to join will not change, but we can’t make any promises on pricing after the window has closed on Thursday night. We are planning on adding a LOT of value to being a member with once a month meals as part of this new membership model, so we are encouraging members to lock in now.

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