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Why Do We Freezer Cook?

Our Why

Families really struggle to cook healthy food and eat meals together.

Once A Month Meals membership teaches and provides resources and menus for your family to freeze meals ahead of time so that you never have to plan daily meals ever again.

It’s hard to find the time for the little moments. It’s hard to get dinner on the table. But we want to change this for as many people as possible.

In fact, we’re pretty certain that freezer cooking can change the world. This is our vision.


We believe that everyone deserves to eat well.

Through freezer cooking, you can eat at home with people you love. You can eat real food cooked from scratch. You can manage food sensitivities and allergies. You can be healthier inside and out. You can enjoy mealtime because it is restful and restorative.


We believe in making time for what matters most.

With freezer cooking, you have the resources you need to cook ahead. You can relax knowing that tasty, nourishing meals are ready when you need them. Your meal plan is reality-proof.


We believe in empowering everyone to cultivate meaningful relationships.

You have support from the Once a Month Meals family. You can share your experiences and connect with thousands of fellow freezer cooks. You can open your home to family and friends without the stress. You can take a meal to someone who is sick, has a new baby, or just needs encouragement.

What We Value

These values are the fabric of our culture, the framework for who we are, and the reasons why we serve. This is why we do what we do.


Always believe the best about people, and expect others will do the same. Live all of your life with integrity.  


Our families come first. Our teammates become family. And we hope you will too.


 We put those who build, work, and use our product before the product itself. Serve others first even if it isn’t convenient.   


We brainstorm, ask questions, listen to feedback, share ideas, and engage in banter. Everyone’s ideas have value.


We get outside of our comfort zone. We laugh at ourselves. We think outside the box. We keep learning.


Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and that is ok. We extend grace to ourselves and others.

Meet the Team!

Tricia Callahan

Founder & CEO

Kelcey Flynn

Creative Director

LeeAnn Perkins

Project Manager

Kate Lee

Registered Dietitian

Matt Jones

Front-End Developer

Susan Gallivan

Accounting & HR

Kendra Frampton

Affiliate & Social Media Manager

Ricki Youngkin

Customer Success Manager

Mindy Hart

MenuBuilder Manager

Erica Kiefer

Social Media & Customer Engagement Associate

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