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What's Included?

Access To All Menu Types


Recipes that replicate your mom’s home cooking and can include classic casseroles, popular sweets and homemade eats.

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Whole Foods

Recipes based on made-from-scratch, unprocessed ingredients, seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dairy products, local meats, and natural sweeteners.

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Recipes based mainly on meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products, as well as processed food, with nutritional and zone information.

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Recipes that are lower in calories and sugar, lighter and healthier, with smaller portion sizes, with nutritional weight watchers information.

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Recipes that are completely meatless and include no animal products, aside from eggs and dairy products, and may include some meat replacements.

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Gluten Free Dairy Free

Recipes that have no gluten or dairy in their ingredients list, but can include other gluten or dairy substitutions for preparing similar recipes and meals.

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Recipes are specific to varying allergies, including Low FODMAP, Low Histamine, Auto Immune Protocol (AIP), GAPS, Egg free and Nut free. We rotate these allergen menus throughout the year.

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Recipes from all our main menus, but designed to be shorter and simpler in ingredients and cooking instructions. Also include many quick seasonal favorites.

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Recipes are made up of softened and/or easily consumed healthy, whole foods that are simple and kid friendly.

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Customized Resource Documents

  • Custom serving size (no ranges!)
  • Recipe cards with detailed freezing instructions
  • Organized grocery list
  • Step by step cook day instructions
  • Printable labels
  • Standard or Metric measurements
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Pro Features

Create your OWN menus to ensure 100% satisfaction! On top of getting access to all the tools to make meals easy, you’ll get the ability to swap recipes from our pre made menus to save your very own to suit everyone’s specific tastes.


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