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1. Take Our Personality Quiz!

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The “Well-Meaning Meal Planner”

“I have never freezer cooked or freezer meal planned before, but am eager to learn! I have heard all the great time, money and energy savings it provides, and I am ready to give it a try!”

The “One and Done Expert”

“I love to make meals each night of the week and every now and again freeze one for my family to eat later! Why not make two when you’re already making one!”

The “Keep it Simple Specialist”

“I really enjoy making a few freezer meals at a time for the occasional weeknights that get hectic. Having just a couple of recipes and meals in the freezer is perfect for when we’re in a crunch for food!”

The “Dump and Stir Enthusiast”

“I love freezer cooking a small selection of recipes for about 2 weeks using only dump and go ingredients, and easy to assemble directions. Fast and furious is always my motto!”

The “Mix it Up Master”

“My sweet spot for freezer cooking is preparing for meals for 2-3 weeks that are a mix of easy recipes with dump and go ingredients, as well as some of our favorite baked and stovetop meals that require a little more effort. I like to mix it up just enough to challenge myself, and my family, to try new things!”

The “Recipe Freestyler”

“I am all about making freezer cooking my own. Choose your own adventure as some might say! I really enjoy trying new recipes and challenging myself with new techniques. However, I try not to be overzealous with the number of meals and stick to roughly 3 weeks worth of freezer meals.”

The “Bold Go-Getter”

“‘Go big or go home.’ That’s me to a tee! I love to take on meal planning and freezer cooking head-on by tackling it all at once. My sweet spot is making a month’s worth of meals in a weekend so I don’t have to think about it all throughout the month!”