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Homemade Cream of Something Soup

It seems like canned Cream of Something or Other Soup crops up in so many recipes, especially now that it’s CrockPot season. And whether you don’t like to buy canned for health reasons, have dietary restrictions, or just want to try something different, this post is a simple guide to creating your own Cream of Something Soup at home. It’s also a great recipe for those times when you’re too lazy busy to drag a pair of toddlers to the store for a can of soup. Simply follow the recipe, consulting the SOUP BASE table for any substitutes to suit your dietary needs and also the MAIN INGREDIENT table for the same. Today, I made I made cream of mushroom with vegetable broth. Once you get the hang of your substitutions, you could make Cream of Just About Anything Soup by swapping in 1/2 cup of finely diced meats or veggies.

There are countless recipes that contain Cream of Soup, but here are a few of our favorites:

Cream of Something Soup Ingredients

Cream of Something Soup


Kristi @ onceamonthmeals.com


  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 small onion, diced
  • 1/2 cup main ingredient, diced
  • 1/4 cup butter or substitute
  • 1/4 cup flour or substitute
  • 1 cup milk or substitute
  • 3/4 cup broth

Cream of Something Soup Base Table

Cream of Something Main Ingredient Table


Saute garlic, onion and main ingredient (mushrooms, chicken, celery, etc.) and set aside. Melt butter over medium heat. Whisk in flour. Cook for about 2 minutes. Add “milk” and broth. Add sauteed garlic, onion and main ingredient. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer, stirring regularly, until it reaches desired consistency (about 10-15 minutes). Season to taste with salt and pepper and use as you would a can of condensed Cream of Something Soup in any recipe. If I make it ahead of time, I pour the soup into a pint canning jar and refrigerate it for up to four days.

Freezing Directions:

You can freeze these in batches in pint or quart size bags or use as you would a can of condensed Cream of Something Soup in any recipe and freeze that dish. A great way to keep “cans” at-the-ready for your CrockPot recipes is to make a quadruple batch and bag each “can” serving in a pint-sized freezer bag. Place those bags in a gallon freezer bag, label and freeze. When you need a “can” of condensed soup, pull out a bag, thaw, and drop it in your crock! Another great option is to freeze in Ziploc Small Sized Containers – which are the perfect size as well.

Servings: 1 “can,” about 1.5 cups


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194 Responses to “Homemade Cream of Something Soup”

  1. Darcie says:

    Great idea! I would just like to add that although the canning jars make it easy for storage in the fridge, it is NOT safe to actually can the soup. It is not safe to can anything with dairy or flour. (I know you didn’t say you actually canned it, but I wanted to put this out ther before someone decided to try it. Be safe people!)

    • kristi says:

      Definitely true, it’s just a convenient size container for the fridge. Freeze it in a pint or quart freezer bag if you’re storing it. Thanks, Darcie.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you for this safety tip because I was going to try canning it.

    • What about pressure canning? i was underthe impression that that method was dairy/meat safe.

      • kristi says:

        I think dairy is still a no-no for pressure canning. Here’s the reason, according to GardenWeb.com “Butter and other fats insulate botulism spores, preventing heat penetration. In other words, fat increases the odds that botulism spores will survive.”

        • Cheryl burns says:

          Straight milk can be pressure canned just like any other low acid food. Meat broth with bits of meat can also be safely pressure canned. Any low acid food is subject to botulism spores, that is why you pressure can.

      • tbeth11 says:

        While you can buy store-bought canned, shelf-stable things containing milk and/or flour, Master Food Preservers confirm repeatedly on various canning forums that it is NOT safe to can these at home, even with a pressure canner. Commercial factories can create significantly greater heat and pressure than home canners.

    • Natalie says:

      I am confused by the comments below. Can I use a mason jar without sealing it like I was canning it? Or could I use a Tupperware container? They are both such a convenient size for the freezer, and I hate to throw away so many plastic bags.

      • Kelly says:

        If you leave some room in the jar and then freeze then yes you could use that or a tupperware.

      • Jennifer says:

        You can freeze these in ice cube trays and then store in whatever kind of container you want, or even freeze it in a tupperware and then take it out and put it in something other than a baggie for your own convenience. I REUSE my baggies, so I freeze many things in ice cube trays and then put them in a gallon baggie. When I need some, I take some out of the baggie until they are all gone. Then I wash the baggie. You should gets several uses out of a baggie this way. P.S. my grandmother used to save her plastic bread wrappers for this purpose as well.

        • Lisa says:

          Jennifer – My mom always saved and reused her plastic bags too – maybe ot her bread wrappers though. Great tip! Thanks!

      • MaryEllen says:

        I use canning jars to freeze soup but after a couple cracked I devised a solution. This takes time it it’s just waiting time not doing time;-). After soup is cold put in jar leaving space for. Expansion. Place in your refrigerator freezer until frozen, Do Not put on canning rings or lids. When frozen move to your freezer or leave where they are. The secret is to allow expansion without the lids and. Screw on rings. When I moved the jars to my upright freezer I was surprised to see further expansion of the contents. There was a distinct hump in the top of the jar, so much so I could not use The rings and lids, had to use plastic wrap or foil.

  2. Jen says:

    so if i make a batch of this…how much does it end up making?

  3. Tabatha says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have been looking for a way to make my own for a while now since most of the soups on the shelf have MSG or high fructose corn syrup in it. I can’t wait to try and make my own Cream of Mushroom since that seems to be the big one in my house! :)

  4. Bridget says:

    Thank you for this post. I haven’t been making any of my soup based recipes since my son was put on the GFCF diet. Now I can make a few of our favorites again.

  5. Abi says:

    Thanks! This will be awesome for our family. Also, have you tried using Almond or Rice Milk for the Dairy-Free? My son had an intollerance to milk and soy while breastfeeding. So I took both out of my diet for 5 months. As we prepare for baby #2, I’m looking for more options to feed my family.


    • kristi says:

      I have not tried almond or rice milk for the dairy-free soup. But, from what I’ve experienced of both, I’d lean toward rice milk of the two options. To me, the almond milk has a more distinct flavor.

      • Julie P says:

        Does the fat content of the “milk” matter? Lactose-free milk seems to be the same consistency as regular milk, fat percentage to fat percentage, but Rice milk is more watery. Will that effect how it turns out?

        • kristi says:

          There might be slight difference in the cooking time to “condense” the soup to the right consistency. An additional teaspoon of flour or cornstarch may also help.

      • Tiffany says:

        I use almond milk in place of regular all the time so I’m used to the taste, but I just made this as cream of mushroom with almond milk and I loved it. Tasted great!

  6. Kallay says:

    Awesome! Thank you! I’m totally pinning this! :D

  7. Linda says:

    This is a great idea. I can’t tell you how many crock pot recipes I pass up because I don’t want to use canned soups. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. wendy says:

    I may have to try this. I was a bit concerned about it being cost prohibitive as I assumes the recipe.would use whipping cream or half & half. Glad it can be made with milk!

  9. Susan V. says:

    I’d love to try freezing this but I’m skeptical. Anytime I’ve tried to freeze a cream sauce it separates when it thaws. I think it has something to do with the flour. When you thaw out this soup is the consistency the same as when you made it?

    • kristi says:

      I’ve not had any trouble with it; this is a “condensed” soup, so it’s intended to be reconstituted in a recipe. That tends to make a difference in my experience. It’s not something I just add milk to and eat as a mushroom soup (though I suppose you could), but it works great in recipes.

  10. This is such a fantastic resource! Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful healthier homemade version of a store bought classic.

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  12. This is awesome!! I’m so glad you laid it all out there like this – makes it so easy to see, understand, and replicate. Love it :)

  13. Heather11 says:

    Just so I am clear, one recipe of this will make what is equal to one can of let’s say Campbells cream of something soup???

    • kristi says:

      Yes, that’s exactly right. It’s the equivalent of using 1 can of CONDENSED Campbell’s cream of mushroom, celery, etc. soup.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I dont’ understand how all of that makes ONE can, that is supposed to be 1.5 Cups. You add 1.75 cups of just milk and broth. Then butter, flour, onion, mushrooms… it doesn’t add up. I’m not complaining but when I quadrupled it today it was SO much more than I expected.

        • kim says:

          Good question Elizabeth. Your ingredients should cook down some, meaning that just adding together the amounts of the dry ingredients isn’t going to give you the cooked amount. If you do end up with extra for some reason, just freeze the rest for another day.

  14. Vera says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I made Portabello Mushroom Soup last night and it was the BEST mushroom soup ever!

    I used almond milk and Earth Balance instead of dairy items, and Frontier Herbs *beef* broth + water for the broth, making the recipe completely vegan!

    I don’t know how well it would freeze, but I can’t imagine not eating it all w/in just a few days anyway!

    Thanks so much for the easy to understand recipe.

  15. Brittany says:

    Any suggestion to make the golden cream of mushroom soup? I’m not sure what makes it ‘golden’ but I prefer it over the regular. Thanks for the awesome recipe and also thanks for the no canning safety tip because I thought about trying it too! :)

    • kristi says:

      Google tells me that the difference between the two is that “golden” includes tomato in the recipe. I think I’d try adding a tablespoon of tomato paste.

  16. Marie says:

    I would also like to express my appreciation. Our family is slowly changing to a vegan diet and this will be a huge blessing for us. I intend to make cream of potato soup for vegetable pot pie this week to bring to a gathering. Thanks again!

  17. Jessica says:

    I do something similar for my pot pie sauce… But I make it from chicken fat instead of butter & chicken meat ;-D Of course, most people don’t have frozen cubes of chicken fat… Any time I cook a crock full of chicken to shred, I skim the fat off the broth & pour it into a silicone ice tray & freeze…

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks, love the chicken fat idea. I make my own chicken broth after cooking my chicken in the crock pot but always threw the fat out after skimming it.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    This looks like a great recipe! How would you do cream of potato — cook (or at least par-boil) the potatoes first? Could this recipe be tripled or quadrupled and still be fine?

    • kristi says:

      I would definitely par-boil the potatoes, and chop them fairly small (maybe 1/2-inch cubes). And yes, I usually quadruple it when I make it.

  19. Suzanne C. says:

    I did a little happy dance when I saw this! We do a lot of casseroles here (I work nights and try to simplify dinnertime for my hubby as much as possible) but I cringe whenever I use a cream soup recipe because of the sodium and preservatives. Love the versatility of this too, Campbells is about to lose my business!!

  20. Brandie says:

    As long as you leave some space at the top, you can freeze the soup in canning jars, right? For those of us who don’t want to use a bunch of bags??

    • kristi says:

      Yes, I do that sometimes. I do like to use the plastic caps instead of metal when freezing canning jars, though. Also, only use the straight-sided jars for freezing. Mine also have a FREEZER FILL LINE marked on the side. Fill just to there and you’ll be fine!

      • Justine says:

        Forgive my ignorance, but what you you mean by “straight-side” jars? And why do you prefer the plastic caps? I don’t actually can, but I have several Ball/Kerr canning jars/lids that I’ve saved over time from jellies and such, and have been using them to freeze & store my son’s baby food – thinking glass was safer than plastic due to leeching, etc. Have I missed something? Thanks! I’m anxious to try this recipe when my stockpile of cream of chicken/mushroom soups is gone!

        • kristi says:

          Straight-side jars are the non-rounded kind (the standard jars)…this is a Ball recommendation for freezing. Same with the plastic caps. I imagine it’d freeze fine with the metal caps, but it wouldn’t seal completely.

        • Ann M says:

          I use canning jas for freezing all the time ~ straight sided as Kristi stated (when you hold the jar in the middle, there are four distinct sides as opposed to the round-all-the-way-around jars). I also leave head space, cover with plastic wrap on the surface of the food, and then place in the fridge for 24 hours. When food is cold, I move to the freezer with a traditional metal cap and ring just until tight. The metal caps actually clamp down on the jars, and I usually need to use a can opener to pop the lid after it’s defrosted. They are not shelf stable, but very freezer stable. Be careful when freezing stews with potatoes – they will crack the jar when expanding while freezing. In six years of freezer canning, that’s the only broken jar I’ve had.

        • kristi says:

          Great information, Ann, thanks!

  21. Jamie says:

    So if a recipe called for a can of cream of mushroom soup, would I need to add anything to this or just dump it in? Most of the recipes I make we dont add water to the can of soup, just dump and go. Is that the same with this? I love that I can make something that we use all the time healthier, thanks!

  22. Allison says:

    I just finished making this for a squash casserole. My mom, who is the pickiest southern woman on earth when it comes to food, LOVED it! She loved it so much, when we used enough for the recipe, she ate the rest with a spoon!

  23. Jennifer says:

    Just to echo everyone else, this is fantastic! I’ve been avoiding recipes that call for any canned condensed soups as I transition to a healthier diet. This has me missing several ol’ time favorites, but with this I feel like it will be kitchen homecoming! Thank you!

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  25. Sarah says:

    I love this! I am curious as to how long it will last in the freezer?

  26. Lynn says:

    I’m in heaven! Just finished making a quadruple batch of cream of mushroom (only changed one thing…I didn’t have any broth, so I used water and bouillon cubes instead) and I’m already planning another one! It’s so yummy, I could eat it straight! Thanks for a fantastic recipe!

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  33. Denise says:

    Like everyone else, i am so amazingly happy to have found this! I’m not a mushroom eater but prefer canned cream of mushroom over the chicken. Wondered what type of mushrooms you would ? Can’t wait to try this!

    • kristi says:

      Canned mushroom pieces are fine, or really, whatever you’re favorites are, as long as you sautee them, they work great.

    • Angela says:

      Thanks for sharing these recipes! I too am trying to “escape” the campbells cans and recently tried a similar recipe for homemade cream of mushroom. That one used shiitake mushrooms, which I didn’t think I would like, but once cooked, I liked it very well. I used fresh ones, remove stems and chop caps finely. They have a strong aroma while cooking but tasted great as a finished product.

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  35. Jana Brown says:

    Would you be able to substitute Whole Wheat Flour rather than the regular white flour?

  36. Lisa Reese says:

    I love to substitute cream of onion soup in alot of my recipes. It is sooo good but expensive. it is a dollar higher than other creams soups in the stores here and most store don’t even stock it. How would I agjust the recipe to make this?

  37. Alexis says:

    One thing I’ve noticed about freezer cooking is the use of so many plastic bags. I’ve been trying to cut down on disposable plastic use and I hope everyone is trying to do the same. Glass freezer jars are a great alternative! Thanks!

  38. Marion says:

    I love this site and I love this recipe! One question though; can I use almond flour or flaxseed flour instead of regular flour or cornstarch? I don’t like using cornstarch and I am not doing wheat any more. Thank you!

    • kristi says:

      Yes! Either should work great. Any thickener will work.

    • Sara says:

      I have also used brown rice flour and that worked very well as a gluten free alternative. I found the cornstarch made it SUPER thick. Though flax seed has that extra gelling capability so I wonder what that would do. It’s often used as a vegan egg substitute to bind things, so I would worry that it may end up really gelling things more than intended. (Though, that could also be perfectly fine!)

  39. So, if I understand correctly, to make this gluten free I could use 1/4 cup of cornstarch in place of the 1/4 cup of flour? I’d heard somewhere that it doesn’t take as much cornstarch as it does flour but I’m not too sure on this. A lot of people in my family have a gluten allergy so I’m trying to cut way down on our gluten intake and have foods that I can serve my family when they come visit! This does sound very yummy :)


  40. Wow! This is great! I just made this tonight. I was out of “canned” cream of mushroom, and this worked perfectly. It definitely made our beef stroganoff. It took it from good to great! Thanks for posting this. Will be making this again… SOON!

  41. Jessica says:

    5+ Stars! Made this today just as written with mixed veggies. Delicious.

  42. Kimberly says:

    So happy to have found this. I made the gluten free version. There are gluten free options out there for condensed soup but they are so expensive. Plus it always seems like home made is just better.

    Cornstarch is not a 1 to 1 substitution for flour though. I used about 3/4 a cup of cornstarch which yielded 6 cups of soup. I warmed up the chicken broth, put it in a jar with the cornstarch and shook it all up till smooth. Then just kept adding milk till it was the consistency of condensed soup. It thickens quickly so I just kept adding milk. I dished out 2 cups of just the plain soup and added salt and pepper to taste and put it in a foodsaver bag for the freezer. With the 4 remaining cups of plain soup I added tomato paste to see if I could come close to the golden mushroom version. Well surprisingly it works great! I added 3 beef bullion cubes and nearly a whole 6oz can of tomato paste. Then just added pepper to taste. I didn’t add any additional salt because the beef bullion cubes seasoned it just right. In the future I would just make the golden mushroom with beef stock instead of chicken and skip the high sodium cubes.

  43. Deedee says:

    I would like to make a huge batch, is there anything I should do differently when cooking? Is there a limit to how much I should make at once? Thanks so much!! I love your site!

  44. Angela says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all this! I just want to confirm that you’ve had good results in a crock or slow cooker after freezing, then adding the thawed soup to the crock at the beginning of cooking time? No breaking of the sauce over the hours of cooking? That’s the only thing I’m worried about with trying it in crock recipes, but I really want to try it lol!
    Thanks again!

    • kristi says:

      Yep! As long as you put it in thawed near the end and raise the temp slowly it works fine for me.

    • Kimberly says:

      I did not treat it delicately at all. It was basically still mostly frozen and I just peeled the block out of the foodsaver bag, broke it up easily and dropped it in the crockpot with a pork tenderloin. It took on a kind of watery appearance as it thawed in the crockpot but then during the cooking process it returned to the perfect consistency as if I’d just made it fresh. If I was using it in a casserole though I would probably have to thaw and reheat if necessary on the stove just to make sure it’s creamy. Definitely give this recipe a try, the golden mushroom version was fantastic, so rich and flavorful instead of just salty like the canned version

  45. Chrissy says:

    Has anyone tried using almond milk for this? I try to avoid dairy and am wondering if anyone has tried this.

  46. Nancy says:

    Can someone tell me how to print this recipe?

    • Tricia says:

      After the entire page loads in the top right corner of the post (just above the picture) there is a printer icon that will allow you to print the recipe.

  47. Ann says:

    I may have missed it, if so I apologize. I have two questions. How do you thaw this the proper way with dairy in it? and the other question is, how long is the freezer life of this recipe? I will be freezing them in freezer zip locks if that matters in helping with my questions :D Thanks so much!

  48. Cricket says:


  49. DP says:

    Ditto on the above question with almond milk… Has anyone tried using that instead of soy or dairy milk? Also, will it freeze okay using almond milk? Thanks.

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  52. Tracy says:

    For those looking for a milk substitute that does not alter a recipe due to its flavor, try unsweetened coconut milk – – not the canned stuff, but the cartons that are in the milk cases at your grocery. This is the closest thing I have found to a “neutral” milk flavor, and I won’t even go into how tremendously healthy it is!

  53. katie says:

    i made this last night for the first time-celery–and it was great. i am so glad i found this recipe. and, i love the chart for substitutions.
    i can now make some of those casseroles from my childhood without feeling like i am damaging my family.
    thanks again, katie

  54. Kate says:

    I love this site !! My husband’s side of the family has high blood pressure problems so I have not been making my recipes that call for the creamed soups. It will be nice to cook again some of the old favorites. I plan to make the chicken and the mushroom soups tomorrow and using the cream of mushroom soup in a dish for tomorrows dinner! Thank you so much for sharing these recipes with us.

  55. Great site.

    A lot of people don’t realize that you can freeze soup. And you can also freeze your homemade stock. When you have a chicken carcus or a ham bone you can cook up a great pot of homemade stock, freeze them in smaller bags and then pull them out as needed for the base of your soup. Sometimes I’ll freeze just the broth from a pork shoulder and pull that out to make the stock with.

    Thanks for the posting.

    Everett De Morier

  56. Amy says:

    What is the cost breakdown of these recipes? Is it really cheaper to make the soups, as opposed to buying them?

  57. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this soup recipe!!!

    My son is Celiac and both of us hate the commercially made GF soups.
    This was so easy, quick and busting at the seams with flavor!

  58. kim says:

    I can not even tell you how excited I am to see this. I have been G – free for 4 years now and avoid all recipes that call for canned soup. I am pulling out some old favorites. Thanks so much for the work.

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  61. Rita says:

    Nicely organized recipe. This will be very handy.

    Regarding “Saute garlic, onion and main ingredient (mushrooms, chicken, celery, etc.) and set aside.”

    Saute in what? Part of the butter? OR in extra butter or oil, which is not listed in the ingredients?

    I just now dumped the celery, onions into the 4 tablespoons of butter when I realized that I would need the butter to make the roux.

    Could you please clarify what to saute the vegetables in?


  62. Katie says:

    quick question. Would I be able to make the condensed cheddar cheese soup with this recipe? So adding some cheddar cheese in place of the meat? Thanks for posting this, I cook with the canned soup all the time and have wanted to find a home made version of them. I find the less “processed” things I use the better my kids’ behaviors are.

  63. raquel says:

    OMG YESSS!! Thank you!!

  64. Lisa says:

    This is the ABSOLUTE best recipe! I have made it several time with all different flavors. To make a cream sauce, rather than the cream of soup, I just remove from the heat sooner, while it’s still kind of thin. WORKS GREAT! I LOVE IT!

  65. Becky says:

    This is such a great recipe! Just made a quadruple batch of the cream of chicken. I will never buy another can of cream soup again. Delicious!Will pass this on to friends.

  66. Cheryl says:

    When subbing corn starch for flour in the GF version, do you stir it in the butter or mixed in broth to add it? I would love to know about the cheese soup, also. My daughter and grandson are both Celiac and, yes, GF soups are pretty yuk…

  67. Cookingcutie11 says:

    This was really good! It was so much better than the canned stuff, and I like that it tasted fresher & didn’t have all the preservatives & thickeners. I’d use this again.

  68. robyn says:

    This may sound silly, but could I just make this without the “favorite ingredient”? More of just like an onion/garlic cream soup. I don’t want mushroom or chicken and i dont have celery or asparagus. I just need a condensed cream soup for my cheesy potatoe recipe. What do you think?

  69. Ann says:

    I was looking for a recipe for mushroom soup that I could freeze. You not only provided that recipe but much more than I imagined. I can’t wait to go shopping. Thanks! I am pinning this so I always know where it is.

  70. sheila mahon says:

    Looking over the recipe – do I not add any liquids – sounds like a lot of cream soup – but no liquids added????

    • Kelly says:

      The last two ingredients as listed above are broth and milk or milk substitute if you are going for dairy free.

  71. Ellie says:

    I’m thrilled to find this recipe! I have a nickel allergy (no canned foods) and my toddler is allergic to dairy and eggs. Thanks for providing DF substitutions!!! Maybe now we can enjoy a casserole. :-)

  72. Tamara says:

    First, I LOVE THIS RECIPE! It is my go to for Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken. I have a few recipes that I love but they call for Golden Mushroom Soup and Tomato Bisque Soup. How would I use this recipe to make those two Campbell’s Soup replacements? Thank you as always for your awesome work! I appreciate all the work that you do!

  73. Shawn says:

    I made this recently for a casserole and it was AMAZING! So much better than the nasty canned stuff. I can’t wait to try another version. Thank you sooo much for sharing, even my picky husband liked it LOL!!!!

  74. Amanda says:

    I live in China and it is impossible to find cream of whatever… This is a god-send!

  75. amandaa says:

    Has anyone tried this with cream? I have a lot of cream in the fridge right now but I’m wondering if it might be too thick. Maybe half cream and half milk might work? Thanks!

    • Kelly says:

      I have not tried it with cream yet, but yes it may be a tad too thick. You could try half and half and let me know :)

  76. Becky says:

    First off, this recipe is fabulous! I’ve already made cream of chicken and have started a batch of cream of (portabella!) mushroom. However, I quadrupled the recipe and got 6 (1.5 cups) “cans” instead of four. And looking at the single serving recipe you have you have more than 1.5 cups of liquid so that automatically will make the final product over 1.5 cups. I know one real can of Campbell’s is 12 oz (1.5 cups) so I’m assuming that’s what I can use in a recipe. But should I just have cut my entire batch in four instead of measuring it out? I just don’t want to gip any of my recipes.

    • Kelly says:

      Well thank you! And when can I come get some portabello soup?! DELISH!! Yes you are right, and the recipes themselves should call for cups so you’ll have the right amount.

  77. […] what we made:  Dry Onion Soup Mix, Ranch Dressing Mix, Italian Dressing Mix, Taco Seasoning, and Cream of ‘Something’ Soup.  (In our case, we did cream of mushroom […]

  78. […] 20 ounces reduced fat cream of mushroom soup […]

  79. Jennifer says:

    Didn’t have time to read all the comments so this may have already been asked, but can you use arrowroot in place of the flour? If so, would it still be 1/4 cup?

    • Kelly says:

      I haven’t tried that yes I think it would work great. I think you should start with a 1/2 cup and add then tablespoon at a time to get that thickness.

  80. […] 10 ounces condensed cream of mushroom soup (or make your own here) […]

  81. Deborah says:

    Loved this! I wanted to make a green bean casserole and I had all the ingredients except the cream of mushroom soup. It just so happened I had a few fresh mushrooms left over from the stir fry I made the night before. I used half and half instead of milk. This turned out fabulous! My 26 yr. Old son said it was the best he’s ever had!

  82. Megan says:

    Sounds great! If I make a big batch, and freeze some, can I later defrost that to use in another recipe and freeze that new meal? Does it make a difference if I cook the new recipe before freezing or just mix it up and freeze? Hope that makes sense. Just the veg soup, not the meat (I know tht wouldn’t be safe to ultimately cook/reheat several times). Thanks!

  83. Brenda says:

    what consistency should this be when finished? I boiled mine much longer than recommended trying to get it thick enough. It is like gravy, but nowhere close to the almost solid paste-like consistency of canned condensed soup. Does that matter? It is a great consistency if you were just eating it, but didn’t know if it will still work to add to recipes.

  84. […] used just like the storage containers mentioned above, but are probably best for storing liquids (soups, homemade broths, etc.) and individual lunch portions. They too come in a variety of […]

  85. andrea says:

    I will be using this for my homemade green bean casserole. I don’t really like the canned soups much anymore and thought this would be a healthier alternative.

  86. andrea says:

    I made this tonight for my green bean casserole. I had to change a few things to get the consistency I wanted. I substituted corn starch for the flour and halved the amount since I’ve always been told to use half if substituting corn starch for flour. I winded up having to add more cornstarch, about 2 tbs and 1tbs of flour. I also added some onion powder and let it cook longer than 15mins then let it cool down and it is the perfect consistency!

    I will be using this recipe again for future “cream of” soups. It’s so simple and I always have the ingredients on hand for such soups. I don’t always buy the canned ones, now I have no need to ever buy them again.

  87. stephanie says:

    I immediately made a batch of this wonderful soup. Love it! Has anyone tried this using a vitamix? Maybe sautee onion and garlic for flavor then add to vitamix? Wondering if and how long to blend for it to thicken?

    • Lisa says:

      Stephanie – I didn’t think about using my Vitamix for this. It would most likely work great on the “soup” or hot setting. Let us know how it turns out.

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  90. Nan says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I am always looking for a sauce ie can of something to mix in casseroles. Soups often have way too much salt and white sauce is so bland.

    • Lisa says:

      So glad you found this recipe Nan – once you have made it, there is no going back to the canned version!

  91. Michelle says:

    This sounds so yummy!My boyfriend is having most of his teeth removed and getting partial dentures and they said he would only be able to eat mostly a liquid diet for a few weeks. I can send him to work with a thermos of something good and not feel bad!

    • Lisa says:

      Great Idea Michelle! I never thought about this being a perfect meal for those required soft foods! And yes – you can feel good knowing you are sending him with something nutritious.

  92. Michelle says:

    I do wonder how to incorporate cheese i.e.broccoli cheese or cheddar cheese soups??

  93. NF says:

    Just ran across ur site and found ur cream of something base for soup. I always have snippets of vegetables, sometimes cream, that I need to use up. I love soup of almost any kind. This recipe will work wonders for all sorts of my leftover vegetables. In fact, gonna make cream of vidalia onion tomorrow using this. Thanks!

    • Lisa says:

      Once you make this recipe you will never buy canned again! It is a great way to use up some of those veggies in your fridge!

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  95. […] Cowboy Casserole (I actually replace half of the meat in this with sliced portabello mushrooms;  I also use frozen corn, not canned.  And homemade cream of mushroom soup.) […]

  96. Teri says:

    I can’t have grains. Has anyone tried this with almond or coconut flour?

    • Lisa says:

      Teri – I have not tried this with almond or coconut flour. I would think consistency wise you might have better luck with almond. If you do try, please let us know how it turns out!

    • Anita Woods says:

      I think you might want to try this with arrowroot flour. 1T arrowroot = 2T flour. I have successfully used arrowroot as a thickener for spinach/artichoke dip, gravy and a coconut-amino teriyaki sauce. I would think it would work just fine in this recipe.

  97. Julie says:

    what kind of fat are yiu using to sauté the onions, garlic and main ingredient ?

  98. […] now rely on this recipe.  I have it memorized.  It’s super simple!  On Saturday, I made a quadruple […]

  99. Ashley says:

    Do you know how much this recipe actually makes? I’ve made it several times with great success but forget each time to measure! It seems like one recipe yeilds more than 1.5 cups or “1 can.”

    • Lisa says:

      In our test cooking, the average yield was 1.5 cups, however when adapting to fit your personal dietary needs, it may yield more depending on the ingredients you are using!

  100. Amber says:

    Thank you so much for this post!!! I developed several food and environmental allergies this year. It has been really difficult for me to adjust and finding recipes like this gives me hope!! I used to LOVE cooking and for over 6 months of this year I didn’t even want to go into my kitchen.

  101. Caren says:

    Thank you for posting the dairy free version! My 7 yr old was just diagnosed with a milk allergy nad I use cream of chicken soup a lot. Now I can do this and know that she won’t break out.

  102. […] portion with whole wheat flour. I also made my own creamy mushroom gravy (find the recipe I used here) but you can buy canned mushroom soup if you […]

  103. Traci says:

    What broth do you use to make the cream of mushroom soup?

  104. […] I wanted to make a casserole, but I was missing cream of chicken soup. I looked up this recipe from Once a Month Meals and started cooking. The results were amazing! I made cream of ham soup (since my casserole […]

  105. […] fall I found this very useful webpage on how to make various “cream of something” soups, and I highly recommend it, especially if you have dietary desires where you need to swap out […]

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