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Scrambling to put together meals at the last minute?

Do you have a bursting grocery budget with weeks still left in the month?

Overwhelmed by the thought of the extra effort and time to put quality food on your table?

Ready to scream from just creating a grocery list to accommodate the variety of dietary needs in your life?

If you're nodding your head, Once A Month Meals is here to lift your burdens! We have the resources you need to fill your freezer with a fresh variety of meals for you to enjoy when you want, and with the same convenience as the freezer aisle. We have two membership options for you to get started and on the path to improved eating!

Basic Membership vs Pro Membership

  • NEW Full menus for all dietary types on the FIRST of EVERY month! Curated to highlight seasonal produce and sales at your grocery stores, the menus are designed for optimum savings and variety!
  • WEEKLY mini menus highlighting seasonal activities, slow cooker, easy assembly and more! Don't have time to do a full menu, or just want to try it out and see if this is really for you? Our mini menus are a perfect fit. In just one afternoon or less than a few hours you can have a freezer full of five recipes catered to your favorite meals or cooking type.
  • IMMEDIATE access to ALL menus past and present (FIVE years worth) We have a recipe archive going back almost five years with an assortment that will surely satisfy what you are looking for.

What does membership look like?


  • Our customizable resource documents provide you with every thing you need to have a successful cooking day preparing freezer meals. This includes:
    • Customized to YOUR serving size needs. No more ranges to choose from, you tell us how many you need to serve!
    • Adapted to serve both Standard and Metric measurements.
    • Complete recipe cards with instructions for cooking and freezing.
    • Step-by-step cooking day instructions walking you through each recipe.
    • Organized grocery lists by section at the store. Also interactive for your mobile device!
    • Detailed freezer instructions.
    • Printable labels to attach to your finished product complete with cooking instructions.

What types of meals do you provide?

We have several menu types available on our site. And the BEST part is you don't have to pick just ONE! With our memberships you have immediate access to ALL of our menu types. You can prep your Paleo meals, and whip up a vegetarian mini menu for your friend that prefers no meat! It's that easy.

Want the ability to "Make it Mine"?

With our Pro Membership you gain instant access to our Menu Builder.
  • Going Paleo but have a vegetarian in your house? Not a problem! With Menu Builder you can mix and match and then with a few clicks, select and print the custom resources you need to get cooking and your freezer full!
  • Save your custom created menus to your account so you can have your favorites at your fingertips without doing the work again!
Mix and match recipes between menus!
Customize Menu
Save your customized menus for later!

Do you have more questions?

We have a list of ALL the most frequently asked questions so that you can find your answers quickly and effectively!