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My Freezer Meal Plan

15 Dinners
Use these blank recipes to build your own custom freezer meal plan from scratch! Swap out the recipes for ones you want, then delete any blank recipes after you are finished. Enjoy!
15 Dinners

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  1. how much does this cost to sign up????????? I just signed up for the trial plan, and no price, plans or fees were encluded anywhere before or after signing up.
    if i don’t think it is for my lifestyle, can I cancel it, how??
    Is it automaticlly renewed???

    1. Terry,

      We have two options for membership. You can choose a monthly subscription, which is $16/mo billed on the same day of each month unless you cancel. You can also choose to do our yearly subscription, which is $170 for the year, and also billed on the same day each year unless you cancel.

      Here is a helpful post that outlines the benefits of membership:

      This page explains how membership works:

      If you would like to cancel, here is a link to step by step instructions on how to cancel your membership:

      If you cancel before your month or year membership is over, you will still have access to our resources until your time has expired. You can see more about our cancellation and refund policy here ( If you want to return in the future you can make a purchase as you first did and simply choose “existing member” and you can use your established credentials.

      If you have additional questions, we’re available on live chat on our site 11am – 1pm M-Sat and 3:30pm – 5:30pm Sun-F (EST). You can also reach us at

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