Spring Instant Pot Mini Menu Vol. 1

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Spring Instant Pot Mini Menu Vol. 1

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The quick, easy and delightfully tasty recipes from this Instant Pot Mini Menu can help you make the most of your time in the kitchen. From fall apart tender Italian beef roast to juicy buttermilk marinaded chicken these freezer meals make a home cooked meal on busy nights doable.
5 Dinners

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  1. Ok. You just sold me on the membership. Was trying to plan my own OAMC, but considered using yours since menu items can be swapped out (haven’t joined other menu planning sites because I don’t like everything in their menus). BUT I really want to include my Instant Pot (as well as my flat top ‘giant griddle’ grill) in a lot of the cooking to save even more time and thought you didn’t include any of these. Hope to see a lot more recipes based around the Instant Pot!

    1. Welcome and thanks for choosing us! We are working hard to add new Instant Pot recipes, menus, and resources to our site. You can count on seeing more of those in the coming months as we all are addicted to pressure cooking now. 🙂 You will see both the griddle and the grill as cooking methods as you are searching for recipes in Menu Builder, so you should get the full use out of your appliances. Have fun!

  2. I’ve made the Granny’s Italian Beef and the Creamy Italian Chicken so far, and both have ended up as a mostly frozen mass at the end of my cooking time. I’ve used my Instant Pot before and never had problems and I followed the directions given. The release handle was sealed both times. The chicken, especially, never seemes to build pressure, yet I put it on for another full cook time (since it was still a frozen ball of chicken) and it burned on the bottom. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Mandy! I am sorry to hear that the recipes didn’t quite work out for you. We do make sure to test every meal before posting them. Would you mind sharing what weight your roast was or how many servings you had your recipes set to? Also, you could cut the chicken to no more than 1/4 inch thick slices for next time. To avoid the burning, we suggest to add a trivet inside while cooking. We would also like to extend your Pro Yearly for an additional month for the inconvenience.

      1. I had the menu set to 4 servings, so 2 lbs (about 3 breasts) of chicken per container and about 2.3 lbs roast per container. I considered cutting up the chicken, but it didn’t say to do it in either the prep instructions or the recipe. I’m sure the recipes were tested with even more servings than what I had, so I wasn’t sure why it happened. I considered one recipe still being frozen a fluke, but after 2, I’m afraid try any more that I made. Is there anything I should double check before I make the next one I already made? (I can’t exactly slice up the meat that’s already frozen in containers) Thanks!

        1. Have these issues been resolved? I am preparing to make both of these recipes, and I would hate to encounter these problems 🙁

        2. The problem seems to be the frozen mass of meat that ends up at the middle of the ones I made. My suggestion would be to cut up the chicken and/or put the chicken around the the outside of the container you freeze in to make sure it “thaws” easily in the pressure cooker. I’m not sure what to tell you about the roast, though… I’ve just been runnng these recipes I’ve already made through two cooking cycles, prying the frozen meat apart after the first one. Only the one recipe burned doing this and it was just a layer of the sauce on the bottom…still perfectly edible. In fact, I’ve cooked all of these so far except for the Bourbon chicken and they’ve tasted excellent and been fully approved by the family…even the picky 3 year old! I’m sticking with it, but I advise keeping a thermometer handy to make sure the meat it cooked through.

        3. Thanks so much, Mandy! Good advice. I will have to keep in mind that I may need to allow more time than the given instructions indicate.

        4. Good luck Dana! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you come across any questions or concerns as you are preparing your meals. Our team really encourages the 5 minute saute of the meat to make sure it cooks thoroughly. Mandy is so helpful with reminding us all to use our meat thermometers to make sure it is cooked through.

        5. Thanks so much, Steph! I am still unsure about how to cut the chicken breasts to help them cook more easily. The Creamy Italian Chicken recipe says that “if the breasts are more than 1/4 THICK, to cut them in half lengthwise to reduce thickness.” I want to be sure I am understanding this correctly. Am I supposed to cut through the breast thickness-wise, such that it results in each piece still being breast-shaped, but thinner, as one does for cutlets?

        6. You’ve got it! The thinner breasts, or cutlets, will cook significantly faster than their thicker counterparts.

        7. Thanks so much for jumping in and adding from your own experience Mandy! Yes, we agree that putting the meat towards the outer edge of the container will help with quicker thawing and cooking of the meat. We love hearing that the whole family has loved all of your recipes so far!

      2. I am about to try these recipes, so I am eager to know if Mandy’s issues have been successfully addressed (either by implementation of suggestions above, or by some revisions made to whatever instructions Mandy was using when she originally cooked these recipes). In Steph’s recommendation above, does “1/4 inch thick slices” refer to cutting the breast thickness-wise (sort of like making a cutlet), or cutting cross-wise (making strips)? Thanks!

  3. Encouraged by OAMM’s blog posts, I purchased an IP and have been really liking it so far, although I have never tried to cook anything from frozen. I was excited to see the Spring IP Mini Menu, but I am feeling a little trepidatious about trying to cook these recipes after reading about Mandy’s experiences wth two of them. Also, if using manual (rather than presets) am I correct in assuming the pressure setting should be HIGH?

  4. Yesterday I used my IP-DUO60 to cook my first recipe from frozen: Instant Pot Buttermilk Chicken. During recipe prep I sliced all of the breasts in half thickness-wise, and I followed the recipe exactly. As stated in the serving day instructions, I sautéed the frozen blob for 5 minutes before pressure cooking on high for 15 minutes. I did a 10-minute natural pressure release before opening the lid. The blob of chicken was still mostly raw on the inside, reading 59.5 F on my meat thermometer. I even felt some ice crystals when I stirred everything around. After stirring I resealed the lid, pressure cooked on high for 5 minutes, and did another natural pressure release. At this point the meat registered 190+ F. (A bit overdone, but still quite flavorful.) Next time I cook this recipe I plan to increase the pressure cooking time to 20 minutes, and I anticipate a freezer-to-plate time of 48 minutes. Woo!

  5. I just wanted to echo the issue with the raw meat and frozen blob after I made the buttermilk chicken and granny’s beef. I kept putting it back on in small time increments because I didn’t want to overcook the meat, so in the end it added up to doubling the amount of time of the recipe. I just noticed the comment about cutting the chicken into smaller bits during preparation before freezing. That would be very helpful to include into the recipe itself. This was my first time using this program so that kind of trick was unknown to me.I will say that once the meal was finally cooked, they were both delicious!

    1. Hi Kim. Thanks for adding in your own experience with cooking the meals. We agree that they are amazing once they are done cooking! When we started developing recipes for the insant pot it was a new kitchen gadget for us too. We really do appreciate your feedback and will continue to improve on our recipes and instructions. Enjoy!

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