Zaycon Fresh Chicken Breast Easy Assembly Instant Pot Mini Menu Vol. 1

Buy in bulk and save money by prepping meals ahead of time. Utilize 40lbs of fresh chicken from your Zaycon fresh order to make delicious instant pot freezer meal recipes! And the best part is you can cook directly from frozen in your Instant Pot! Dinner will never be as easy, tasty, and budget friendly as with our easy assembly zaycon freezer menu.

Wish you had a meal planned?

We make it easy to plan and cook freezer meals ahead of time.

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11 Dinners


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    1. Sara, you can use any of our Paleo IP recipes in the mini! Just remember that cooking times may need to be adjusted!

    1. We have a slow cooker version of several of these recipes already on our site. Otherwise, we think most of these recipes could easily be adapted for the slow cooker!

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