Instant Pot Cranberry Chicken

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Instant Pot Cranberry Chicken

The Cook
4 Servings
5 Ingredients
With just 5 ingredients, this Cranberry Chicken is one of those freezer meals that's as easy to prepare as it is to eat! Cranberry sauce, french dressing, and onion soup mix give the vibrant sauce it's complex flavor and leave the chicken tasty and tender.
4 Servings
5 Ingredients


  • 9 ⅓ ounces Cranberry Sauce, Whole Berry
  • ⅔ ounces Onion Soup Mix, Dried
  • ⅔ cups French Dressing
  • 1 ⅓ teaspoons mince Garlic, Cloves
  • 1 ⅓ pounds quarter Chicken, Boneless Breasts



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Cooking Instructions

Freeze For Later Cooking Day Directions

Easy Assembly

These directions help you cook or prepare this meal PRIOR to being frozen for serving later (see Serving Day Directions when you are ready to prepare it to eat).

Why would I want to freeze this?

  1. Divide all ingredients into indicated number of freezer containers. Label and freeze.

Make From Frozen Serving Day Directions

Prog. Pressure Cooker

These directions help you cook or reheat this meal AFTER it's been frozen for when you are ready to eat it.

  1. Thaw: Prep from frozen
  2. **Depending on your container size/shape and your serving size, you may need to adjust cooking times given as it is based on 4 servings frozen in a 64 ounce container.**
  3. Place frozen contents into inner pot.
  4. Saute for 5 minutes.
  5. Lock lid into place and seal steam nozzle.
  6. Cook on high pressure for 9 minutes.
  7. Naturally release pressure for 5 minutes, then quick release.

Make It Now Cooking Directions

These directions are for cooking this recipe to serve immediately and NOT to freeze for later.

  1. **Due to the nature of pressure cooking there is always room for inconsistency. The times given here are based on 4 servings fresh. If you are using more servings you may need to increase your cooking time.**
  2. Place all ingredients in inner pot.
  3. Lock lid into place and seal steam nozzle.
  4. Cook on high pressure for 9 minutes.
  5. Naturally release the pressure for 5 minutes, then release remaining pressure.


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    1. You should not need to add additional water to this recipe. The liquid in the cranberry sauce and dressing should be enough for the pot to come to pressure.

  1. How is the cooking time the same from both fresh and frozen? I can’t imagine the 5 minute saute thaws the food all the way through.

    1. For Instant Pot recipes, we have tested all recipes, and mostly find that it would be the same amount of time to cook from fresh or frozen. (It will take longer to come to pressure when frozen, though!) We do realize that because of different variables (how thick pieces of meat are etc.), others could have a different experience.

      If you find that it is not cooked through after the initial time listed, you can simply add a little time at the end. We would rather have you add time than for it to be overcooked 😊

  2. I used frozen chicken (two breasts) and set my IP for 10 minutes + 5NR and it was very very raw. So I reset it for 10 more minutes and it was good. So I say of using frozen set for 20 minutes +5 NR

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