If you’re here you may be wondering what in the world IS freezer cooking?  More importantly, you may be wondering WHY people freezer cook? Is it really for you? We’re here to answer those and MORE!

What is freezer cooking?

Freezer cooking is freezing meals or ingredients for a meal, in order to make meal times easier, most often done in bulk so you have a few meals at a time. Some start by simply doubling a recipe they are making, serving one immediately and freezing the second for later. The most cost and time efficient way, however, is to cook in bulk or once a month cook.

What is once a month cooking?

Once a month cooking (or OAMC as you often see it referred to) is the act of shopping, prepping and cooking all the meals you need for one month in one day. There are many sites and even some great cookbooks out there dedicated to OAMC. We set ourselves apart by providing you with several different meal plan types to choose from. Then the ability to customize the resources you need to have a successful cooking day for the servings you need.

Why should I freezer cook?

Freezer cooking is nothing new, and we’re sure you’ve had a convenient frozen pizza or meal from time to time. Why not create the convenience in your own home, with wholesome ingredients you buy and make yourself? Freezer cooking provides you with complete control over your meals and still gives you back the time we all struggle with each night at dinner, a healthy breakfast in the morning, or a lunch beyond bread! Meals made then frozen maintain their freshness and are ready when YOU want to eat them.

Do frozen meals lose their flavor?

When frozen properly, frozen meals and dishes will not only keep their flavor but they will preserve their freshness even for a few months. You can freeze almost anything these days. We tend to push the envelope some with items, but we promise they work!

How do you thaw them?

We recommend thawing all of your meals properly in the refrigerator before cooking or re-heating.  Check out this post to find our tips and tricks on how.

How do Once A Month Meals Members freezer cook?

We have a series called I am OAMM that shares the stories of members, staff members, test cooks and more about how they freezer cook! Check it out to see the various ways people use our system to make freezer cooking a reality! You can also read “What does freezer cooking with Once A Month Meals look like?

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