Freeze it Forward 2019 – Giving You a Menu So You Can Give Meals 🧡

We’re Celebrating our 10th Birthday at Once A Month Meals and We Want to Celebrate Through You!

Every year in February, we love to encourage our community to “Freeze it Forward” by making and then gifting deserving family and friends with freezer meals! We know we have been given much, so we want to give back out of our abundance.

How it Works: 

1. Choose a Friend or Family in Need to Make Meals For!

Think of a family, friend, neighbor, or maybe even a total stranger to you who you know is walking through a tough season where a meal could provide some relief and encouragement.

2. Make Meals to Give Away!

If you plan on bringing or gifting someone freezer meals, cook our Budget Friendly Menu for the Slow Cooker or Instant Pot with us to make it easy!

3. Share Your Story With Us!

We want to Freeze it Forward, and we want it to start with you! Share with us your stories using #freezeitforward #onceamonthmeals #oamm


The Details for Cooking with Us:

Join our team members, Tricia and Ricki, as they walk you through our Budget Menu for the Slow Cooker OR Instant Pot! Easy, Freezable, Make Ahead Budget Friendly Recipes with Dump and Go Ingredients!

The Menus We’re Making:

We’ll be making this entire menu, as well as sharing tips for meal planning within your budget!

Budget Slow Cooker Mini Menu Vol. 1

Budget Instant Pot Mini Menu Vol. 1

These are 5 Budget Friendly Recipes that Double to Make 10 Dinners for the Slow Cooker OR the Instant Pot! (Put these together in less than 1 hour!)


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