How Carolina Became the Dinnertime Hero!

Hi, my name is Carolina and I live in Iowa!

I’m a single gal cooking for just me! Hated cooking but now really enjoy it!!

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Becoming the Dinnertime Hero Contest

Every day, more and more people are eating better, saving time, saving money, and stressing less using freezer meals. They are transforming evenings and creating a meal routine that really works. That’s what this contest series is all about: stories of AMAZING people using our membership to make time in their life for what matters most.

Our members are seeing both big and small impacts on their day to day lives. Their experiences are unfiltered, honest, and above all, inspiring. You might even find some advice to inspire you to begin your journey to learn how to freezer cook and become the “Dinnertime Hero”!

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  1. Carolina is a fantastic person to advocate for once a month meals. She has used them to better her diet and health.

  2. Carolina is a busy woman, giving so much of her time and talent to benefit others. Yet, being healthy and living a lifestyle of wellness is also important to her. So, I know how genuinely excited she has been about her freezer meals for one. I also know she truly WILL share her wining meals with a family who can benefit from them. I vote for Carolina.

  3. Well done, Carolina!! I know cooking for one is hard, and i hate when food is wasted. This sounds like great, easy action and solution.

  4. A great inspiration Carolina! Cookingonce & freezing is such a great option & I love that you’re doing it for 1 person too when not everyone thinks of that. Go Carolina!

  5. Carolina is right. Cooking for one can be a challenge. But she’s got a helpful perspective here. Go, Carolina!

  6. As a 78-year-old widow living alone and trying to be motivated and have the energy for cooking for myself, I was impressed with Carolina! I hope she wins!

  7. I love how you’ve made it work well for you, Carolina! I know my MIL has trouble, so this might be a good idea for her too.

  8. Carolina is always looking for innovative recipes to allow her to eat healthy while only cooking for one. I applaud her for using Once A Month Meals!

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