How Karen Became the Dinnertime Hero!

Hi, my name is Karen, and I live in Ontario!

I am retired and cook for my husband as well as my sisters niece, Kate, and her family of 4. I also cook for our local Ronald McDonald House SWO four times per month making dinners, soups, cakes, brownies, mains, and sides.

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Becoming the Dinnertime Hero Contest

Every day, more and more people are eating better, saving time, saving money, and stressing less using freezer meals. They are transforming evenings and creating a meal routine that really works. That’s what this contest series is all about: stories of AMAZING people using our membership to make time in their life for what matters most.

Our members are seeing both big and small impacts on their day to day lives. Their experiences are unfiltered, honest, and above all, inspiring. You might even find some advice to inspire you to begin your journey to learn how to freezer cook and become the “Dinnertime Hero”!

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Our inbox has been overflowing with incredible stories. Somehow we narrowed it down to the top 5, but now we need your help. Watch these stories. Pick your favorite. Vote. And, the person with the most votes could become the first ever… to receive an entire month’s worth of freezer meals made for their family, and another of their choosing!

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  1. My vote is for Karen, all the way!
    So generous with her time and skills in the kitchen.
    She is always looking to help those who need it most! 🙂

  2. Karen’s energy and enthusiasm are boundless. And she has such a giving spirit…she’s going to pay this forward if she wins!

  3. Karen is super special to our family. She has helped out with our grand daughter, who has Down syndrome, since she was one year old. She is a girl with a big heart and many talents. I would vote for Karen, many times over. Incidentally, our grand daughter is now 22 years old and Karen is still a very big part of her life. You go, Karen

  4. I’ve just watched all the videos and Karen definitely deserves to be the winner!
    Her video has a kindness story. She cooks for a cause and to help other people in the community.

  5. I would like to see karen win, as she is so devoted to helping other people, and always has.

  6. Generous, kind, giving and wonderful storyteller!! It would be wonderful for Karen to win as she gives so much of her time and talents to her community.

  7. I vote for my friend Karen whom I have known for almost 40 years. In addition to being a fabulous, creative cook, she is incredibly kind and generous. Giving to and helping others comes naturally to her and I am always amazed in the ways she shares her talents.

  8. Karen’s an all-around fab person with a big heart and great sense of humour! She’s got my vote!

  9. Karen is a magical person! I can’t imagine a better choice to win this contest!!!!

  10. So lovely of you to be so generous and helpful with your time and love of cooking 🙂

  11. Karen you are a magical person! I can’t think of a better person to win this!!!!!🤞

  12. Karen does so much more with cooking than she shares in this video – she’s a living example of generosity and creativity.
    She and a team of friends cooked for years at Ronald McDonald House in London.
    She creates beautiful quilts which she gifts to others.
    And many other generous gifts to people that span the decades.

    She’s a great cook and baker who serves gourmet level meals to friends.

    I vote for Karen

  13. Karen i envy your energy to be able to do all these things. Your truly and angel to help others. I really hope Karen wins she is an inspiration to others.

  14. Enjoy baking with you at Ronald McDonald House and all the other times our paths cross

  15. Karen is my cousin and I know how dedicated she is to helping others. She always finds time to give of herself and her amazing kindness is a very special quality she has. I truly hope she wins this as she will pay it forward, as she does on a daily basis.

  16. Karen has my vote as she is always there helping others. She will pay this win forward, as she does every day!! She deserves to win!!

  17. Karen gets my vote for sure!! An absolutely incredible woman- second to none. She has a heart of gold, filled with endless kindness and empathy, and a wicked sense of humour! Her compassion knows no bounds. She is so incredibly deserving of this award, and will make you SO proud by paying it forward in incredibly ways. Way to go Karen- my hero!!

  18. What an amazing woman! So deserving. She is completely and totally amazing… one of a kind. With a heart of gold and endless compassion, Karen is an easy choice, and will pay it forward in wonderful ways! Go Karen go!!

  19. Words to describe Karen – passionate, caring, considerate, generous, talented, funny, reliable….there are too many to list. Karen is the best when it comes to helping others. An awesome lady!

  20. My vote is for Karen. I love her generous spirit and kindness. I also am retired and cook for my husband and my adult disabled daughter. Karen’s story inspires me!

  21. Karen is, simply put, amazing!
    Her energy, compassion, love, understanding and pure authenticity make Karen a beloved person in my life.
    Not only does she cook and bake for the families staying at Ronald McDonald House in London, Ontario several times per week… she offers her friendship to all those who surround her.
    When times are tough – you’ll find Karen close by to offer a hug of support and words of wisdom.
    When times are great – you’ll find Karen closer still bringing pure joy … and cookies!
    This lovely lady baked over 100 oatmeal cookies for my daughter’s wedding for ice cream sandwiches for our guests.
    She added the special ingredient of love to each and every one. They were the highlight of the evening.
    With all this… Karen has my vote!!

  22. Karen has been amazing cooking for a very busy family, as well as using her talents at RMHC to help many more families.

  23. I love the idea of turning a love, cooking and meal preparation into a gift for others. I also cook for one so enjoyed seeing how one person approached it.

  24. Karen has my vote for sharing her time and kindness to prepare delicious meals for families with a sick child staying at Ronald McDonald House. 🙂

  25. My vote goes to Karen for sharing her time and kindness to prepare delicious meals for families with a sick child staying at Ronald McDonald House. 🙂

  26. My vote goes for Karen! A champion of the RMHC Mission who prepares meals for families at Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Western Ontario! Thank you Karen!!

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