How Ruth Became the Dinnertime Hero!

Hi, I’m Ruth and I live in North Carolina!

I also live in a house full of boys! A husband, two sons, and even the dog…all male.

I love to cook for them, and for me, as time in the kitchen is calming for me. However, the reality of our busy home means batch cooking is our current reality. My husband and I both work full time and additional side jobs, as we work to pay off debt. I use OAMM to save time, pennies, and my sanity.

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Becoming the Dinnertime Hero Contest

Every day, more and more people are eating better, saving time, saving money, and stressing less using freezer meals. They are transforming evenings and creating a meal routine that really works. That’s what this contest series is all about: stories of AMAZING people using our membership to make time in their life for what matters most.

Our members are seeing both big and small impacts on their day to day lives. Their experiences are unfiltered, honest, and above all, inspiring. You might even find some advice to inspire you to begin your journey to learn how to freezer cook and become the “Dinnertime Hero”!

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Our inbox has been overflowing with incredible stories. Somehow we narrowed it down to the top 5, but now we need your help. Watch these stories. Pick your favorite. Vote. And, the person with the most votes could become the first ever… to receive an entire month’s worth of freezer meals made for their family, and another of their choosing!

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  1. I’m voting for Ruth because she’s amazing and the family who they are giving meals to is incredible!! 😍

  2. This video is the best! The people in it are even better! Way to go Ruth and friends!

  3. There is a lot of living outside meal prep – the hugs and playtime has now gotten a whole lot better. The best part is tailoring the meals for the different food likes

  4. I think all of the video submissions are amazing, but my vote goes to Ruth. I have a special place in my heart for those who choose to provide loving families for children who haven’t had a great start in life and Ruth and her family recognize that too.

  5. You’re amazing Ruth! And so thoughtful to do this for the Tricia! Hope you all win!

  6. Yay! Ruth!! Devoting energy to cooking can be such a struggle, but what a gift of love you’re showing to your family and Trisha’s!

  7. Ruth and Family! I know this family and they are a hard working family who deserve to win!

  8. Ruth and her family have always been amazing. She comes from a family that always puts others first, just as she is doing now.

  9. Love the story of Ruth’s family and their friends who are fostering the 2 boys!

  10. Ruth and her family are well deserving of this and love how they help out others! Our vote is for you guys!

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