How the Giles-Osborn Family Became Dinnertime Heroes!

Hi, we’re the Giles-Osborn family and we live in Lousiana! 

Hi, My name is Ana. My husband and I have been married for 2 years now and we have a two-year-old daughter. I am currently 8 months pregnant with our second born. We are so excited to be adding to our family. We have been using Once A Month Meals for a few months now and we love it. It gives me more time to spend with my family. On a normal basis, I spend about 30 minutes each day cooking dinner for my husband and daughter. So much easier than before. I love cooking for my family and most of all I love the amount of time I get to spend with them because of Once A Month Meals.

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Becoming the Dinnertime Hero Contest

Every day, more and more people are eating better, saving time, saving money, and stressing less using freezer meals. They are transforming evenings and creating a meal routine that really works. That’s what this contest series is all about: stories of AMAZING people using our membership to make time in their life for what matters most.

Our members are seeing both big and small impacts on their day to day lives. Their experiences are unfiltered, honest, and above all, inspiring. You might even find some advice to inspire you to begin your journey to learn how to freezer cook and become the “Dinnertime Hero”!

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Our inbox has been overflowing with incredible stories. Somehow we narrowed it down to the top 5, but now we need your help. Watch these stories. Pick your favorite. Vote. And, the person with the most votes could become the first ever… to receive an entire month’s worth of freezer meals made for their family, and another of their choosing!

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  1. I love this couple so muxh, they’re like a son, daughter,nd granddaughter to me. I cast my vote for them.

  2. Really love this family! I’ve never tried one a month meals but i’m definitely going to check it out now.

  3. This is my pick to win! The little baby is adorable and the fact that she still wants to cook being big big pregnant THEY SHOULD WIN!!!!

  4. No one more deserving to win than this beautiful family! Ana is the definition of supermom; she is also a fantastic 1st grade teacher, and still makes time to put her family first whenever she can. Since Ana became pregnant with baby no. 2, Stef works from home whenever he can so he can go with Ana and Nori on walks. They are such a wonderful family who have a big journey ahead as school begins and the due date for baby no. 2 approaches! Winning once a month meals would be the greatest gift for them!!1

  5. I vote Giles-Osborn family to win the dinner time heroes. They are amazing family and I love them.

  6. I love the Giles-Osborn family! Little Nori deserves as much family time as she can get because she is so adorable. I vote for the Giles-Osborn family!

  7. This will be so perfect for this beautiful family. Especially with a newborn on the way! I pray you win Giles-Osborn family! ❤️

  8. This will be perfect for the Giles-Osborn family! Especially with their newborn on the way! I pray you guys win! ❤️

  9. I vote for the Giles-Osborn family. They reminded me of my family when my kids were little. And now my oldest just had her first baby and I am seeing her go through the same struggles I did when all my kids were younger. I guess I just really related to their family situation.

  10. I vote for the Giles-Osborn Family! They are so sweet, and will have their hands full after the birth of their second child.
    I have been in the same situation, and I wish Once-a-month-meals was around for me!

  11. The Giles-Osborn Family ~ LUV your video and congratulations on the new baby. Voting for your family to win!!!

  12. Such a great story and wonderful growing family, i think we have our winner without a doubt

  13. I really hope you all win Giles-Osborn Family! Congrats on the new one! Wish you the best! 🥰

  14. How can anyone compete with the beautiful pregnant mom! Definitely casting my vote for the Giles-Osborn


  15. Great amazing family, so inspiring 🖤🖤💚💚
    I’m 100% on there side
    I’m definitely voting for them

  16. This family deserve to win. I know after I had my daughter I couldn’t move for days. I can’t imagine having to deal with making dinner as well.

  17. All the contestants were great! I love how using the Once a Month meals benefits so many in so many different ways. I was caught up in the Giles Osborne family and love they have. I wish everyone luck but from the videos it looks like they already have good fortune – way to go Once a Month Meals!!

  18. I’ve watched all the videos and this family is just way too cute! That little girl deserve to win

  19. I really hope you win. You guys deserve this. Ana works so hard everyday it would be a nice break for her

  20. Definitely voting for this family. Having a newborn is a lot of work. They deserve to win

  21. Johnson’s family is wishing y’all luck. Giles Osborn’s are great and they deserve to win

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