How the Tull Family Became Dinnertime Heroes!

Hi, we’re the Tull family from Missouri!

I’m James. I live with my wife, Lisa. She plans the meals, and I cook the meals along with my 4 daughters, ages 8 to 19. We use freezer meals to balance a home business, homeschooling, and healthy eating with 3 different medical diets:

• James (dad) on Autoimmune Protocol Diet
• Lisa (mom) 
• Trinity on Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Histamine Diet
• Rosemary
• Katelyn
• Hazel on LowFODMAP Diet

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Becoming the Dinnertime Hero Contest

Every day, more and more people are eating better, saving time, saving money, and stressing less using freezer meals. They are transforming evenings and creating a meal routine that really works. That’s what this contest series is all about: stories of AMAZING people using our membership to make time in their life for what matters most.

Our members are seeing both big and small impacts on their day to day lives. Their experiences are unfiltered, honest, and above all, inspiring. You might even find some advice to inspire you to begin your journey to learn how to freezer cook and become the “Dinnertime Hero”!

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Our inbox has been overflowing with incredible stories. Somehow we narrowed it down to the top 5, but now we need your help. Watch these stories. Pick your favorite. Vote. And, the person with the most votes could become the first ever… to receive an entire month’s worth of freezer meals made for their family, and another of their choosing!

Voting Ends Friday, June 28 at 11:59 pm EDT


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  1. I confess that I cried when I found we were among the top 5 finalists. We love Once a Month Meals, and would love to have them come to our home. Thank you so much for this honor.

  2. So exciting!!! It would be so great to have someone cook for us! Three medical diets is so hard to deal with.

  3. I love the way you have all learned to make the kitchen your friend in your healthy eating journey. This is a life long skill and blessing! Healthy cooking and easy freezer preparation for busy weeks can be a life saver! Great job Tull family!

  4. Once a Month Meals has been such a God-send to us as we have been navigating the special needs of three different medical diets! We are so stoked that we are in the top 5! It would be awesome to win!

  5. I have known this family for a long time and their commitment to healthy eating and meeting the needs of ALL their family members is really impressive. They are in it for the long haul and I know it would bless them to win!

  6. Wow! Great job Tull family! I need you to come to our house for a tutorial. You guys have my vote! Three different diets! You guys are inspirational!

  7. Way to go Tull family! You are dealing with a lot and yet making it work for everyone! Awesome!

  8. This family has a nutritious, winning plan to meet the needs of a busy family! Good Luck! I hope you win!!!

  9. This family deserves to win the contest. They appear to be an excellent example of a loving family unit working together to meet the individual needs of each other. Team work is displayed and a genuine concern for each other and their dietary different challenges, including mom, dad and all of the girls. Congrats Tull family on being a finalist.

  10. The Tull’s are a phenomenal family! So many challenges but they are so resourceful about making it work!

  11. We know this family and they are very committed to healthy eating (and on a budget). We hope they win!

  12. Thank you Tull family for sharing this video introducing me to Once-A-Month-Meals! You guys are awesome and definitely have my vote❤!

  13. My vote goes to the Tull family! What an awesome example of perseverance and dedication to honoring God through a commitment to healthy living and family teamwork.

  14. Love that they do freezer meals – tough to do with busy work schedule and three different diets. They deserve a month of meals – I vote for the Tulls

  15. My vote is for the Tull family all the way. Not only have they told me about once-a-month meals. They are all a walking encyclopedia on specialty diets. Thank you for sharing the wealth!

  16. I vote for the Tull family! Not only are they thriving with this form of cooking, but they are also teaching their 4 daughters how to cook, plan and prepare the meals. It is a family endeavor, and they all seem to be excited about working together on this project. Hooray for them!

  17. I vote for the Tull family. A busy family is able to eat nutrious meals with very different diet needs. They are maintain good health.

  18. Special diets are very much necessary for many families these days. It’s a whole new way of life and can be very challenging. I hope the Tull’s win so they can get a break from what many families will never have to deal with.

  19. Cooking for more than one diet leads to all day in the kitchen. They need to focus on something other than cooking all the time.

  20. These guys are rock stars to be able to handle so many diets….and meal plan… and meal prep the way they do! I hope they win!

  21. I vote for the Tull family. With all the special diets that their family of 6 has to work with, the once-a-month meals are just perfect for them. The ease of the freezer meals are just perfect for this busy family.

  22. I would love to see this family win. It has to be difficult to plan and prepare 4 different types of food for each meal every day. I am happy to see that they found your plan to a simplify this daunting task.

  23. I vote for the Tulls. They are a family of 6, half of the family require special diets due to medical necessity. They recognize the importance of preparing healthy home cooked meals for all. As a winner, It would enable them to have less stress, less time in the kitchen. They would be good example to promote your business, so it’s a win-win to have them chosen.

  24. Not only are they preparing meals for three special diets, they’re preparing meals as a family. They’re teaching their daughters how to prepare meals. Too many kids today end up not knowing how to cook; the Tull children will not fail into that category. I think that they’re doing it as a group effort is important. They’re using the program to save time and eat healthy, and they’re finding a way to spend more time together as a family while they do it it.

  25. Alan Bagnull is my friend. If he believes you should have this, I trust his judgment. I vote for the Tulls too.

  26. I grew up in a family of 6. Not only different diets is a challenge but meal times as well. Band practice, theater, scouts etc all at different times and different people involved.Tulls get my vote.

  27. Got my vote. Go Tull family!

    *ADDED: One other remark besides my original vote. As somebody who also deals with the strict medical diet for my boys, I cannot even imagine trying to deal with 3 different restrictive diets. The teamwork this family has shown in managing this complex culinary juggling act is pretty inspiring and remarkable.

  28. I can’t imagine cooking for so many people with different needs! Best of luck to you!

  29. What a deserving family! And what a blessing it would be for the entire family. The Tulls should win!

  30. The Tull’s are faithful and take everything in stride. I can’t help but think how the freezer meals have made this possible!

  31. I vote for the Tull family. That many special diets would overwhelm me and I fed 5-6 daycare children for 30 years.

  32. The Tull family is such a beautiful bunch of people dedicated to the needs of their family and community ….. can’t wait to see them win this!

  33. The Tull family needs to win this. They have such a wonderful family and having someone cook for them would be great

  34. I think the Tull family would be very grateful for a month of meals! They manage their culinary quandary with so much grace! They’re amazing people to boot!

  35. I hope the Tull family wins. My vote is for them. They have great attitudes in cooking for three different foods for the family. It would be great for them to win!!!!

  36. Another vote for the Full family! Everyone deserves a break, but the Tulls deserve one for each different diet!

  37. It’s refreshing to hear about a family supporting, working and learning together to benefit everyone as a common goal. My vote is for the Tull family.

  38. I hope this family wins! My vote is for them! Wow what a difference planning monthly meals in the freezer makes! Awesome!

  39. I can’t even imagine trying to balance all the DIETS! Congratulations to you all and good luck!

  40. I vote for the Full family. Great idea and a wonderful help for them. I love the way they work together!

  41. As a former working mother, I know planning healthy meals for the whole family is a challenge, so I am so impressed with the effort it takes to do this with the Tull’s various dietary requirements.

    My vote is for this wonderful family!

  42. enjoyed your video.. I commend you on figuring out all the meals and how to handle everything with so many people who have restrictive diets…

  43. Dealing with a special diet is no joke; but, to have 3 individual different specific diets in one family has got to be a challenge indeed, the Tull Family.

  44. The Tulls have my vote. Juggling 3 special diets is impressive but I also think it’s great that the kids are involved in prepping the meals.

  45. Love and determination is what makes this family special. Doing what it takes to be healthy and accepting of the circumstances.

  46. Congratulations Tulls on being in the top five. You are already winners in my book for what you have accomplished through your commitment to your family . My vote is definitely for you!

  47. Another vote for the Tull family here. Love their commitment to do what it takes to keep each family member healthy. What a blessing it would be for them to win!

  48. They should really win! All the different, difficult, and costly diets can rack up a cost and spend hours to cook. It would be sad if they couldn’t win.

  49. I can not even imagine what goes into meal planning for their family. I have two kiddos with allergies but it doesn’t come close to all the different things they have to work around for their family. You go guys!

  50. I’m voting for them! With so many different diets (e.g. food restrictions) they need all the help they can get!

  51. I am voting for the tull family because they are my cousins, And they really deserve to win

  52. I vote for the Tull family. They all work together to help out in the kitchen and I think that is really great. It would really help them to win this contest.

  53. I have know James and Elisabeth for years. They are “SO” deserving to win this contest! All my friends, please take a minute to make a short comment for the Tulls!

  54. No one, and I mean no one, deserves it more! All are worthy, but can you imagine planning and preparing meals for a family with so many diverse dietary needs? This takes teamwork along with I’m sure, a bit of sacrifice. Good luck Tills.

  55. My neighbors are really awesome. I recall moving in and they greeted my family with dinner that evening.

  56. It’s good having Christian neighbors. Very easy to communicate with. We love our neighbors. God bless

  57. My beautiful college friend has made a beautiful family and a beautiful life. This chick needs a break from the kitchen!

  58. As long as i’ve known this family they have worked to be healthy eaters. Winning this would be a great help to them!

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