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“I really enjoy making a few freezer meals at a time for the occasional weeknights that get hectic. Having just a couple of recipes and meals in the freezer is perfect for when we’re in a crunch for food!”

Your Next Goals: 

  • Complete a “Keep it Simple” Mini Meal Plan
    • This is a meal plan of 5 recipes, doubled to 10 meals that are built in a way that even the most inexperienced cook can have it done in a couple of hours of effort. That’s from grocery shopping to straight to the freezer!

Your Next Action Items!

1. Pick A Mini Meal Plan!

Pick one of these “Keep It Simple Mini Meal Plans,” based on your dietary needs or preferences.

2. Schedule Your Cooking Day! 

The best way to make it happen is to set aside intentional time to do it. So pull out your calendar right now and schedule it! Pick an afternoon, an evening, a weekend, or a weekday, and tell a friend for accountability!

3. Follow the Checklist!

Follow the My Freezer Meal Plan Checklist for best practices on making your selected “Keep It Simple Mini Meal Plan”!

4. Favorite the Recipes You Like!

If AFTER trying each meal, you or your family like it, head on over and favorite that recipe so you remember it later.

5. Share Your Experience!

Share (experience, cooking day, pictures, etc) with us on Instagram or Tiktok! (#oamm, #onceamonthmeals #oneanddoneexpert #keepitsimplespecialist)

**If you have completed the above actions then you are ready to move on… don’t try to skip ahead without completing this stage! 

I have completed these actions and milestones!


Terms to Remember

  • Mini Meal Plan = 5 recipes doubled 10 meals
  • Keep It Simple” Mini Meal Plan = a meal plan created by Once A Month Meals that includes 5 “dump and go” recipes doubled to 10 meals with minimal ingredient preparation. Recipes include ingredients that can literally be put into a bag and then into your freezer.

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