There is no sense in packing your freezer full of meals if none of them actually taste good. The creation of recipes and meal plans begin about three months before you ever see the recipe or meal plan on our site!

Test Cooks:

We send the meal plan to our test cooks who use our documents to shop, prep, and cook. They taste each meal before it is frozen (if applicable) and after it has been thawed and eaten. Test cooks fill out a survey and answer questions regarding the technical aspect of preparing the meal, how the meal tastes, and what they think of the dish overall.

Here are some sample questions:

  • Were the instructions clear and easy to follow?
  • What type of containers did you use?
  • Did you leave any ingredients off?
  • Were there any ingredients that were hard to find?
  • Did you leave any steps out of the instructions?
  • Were there any ingredients that needed adjustment?
  • Can you rate the taste (1-5)?
  • Please rate how well it froze (1-5).
  • How difficult was it to prepare (1-5)?

Staff Team:

In addition to that, the staffers at Once A Month Meals enjoy having full freezers, and we often informally test recipes on our own families and provide feedback to the MenuBuilder team. We welcome comments and questions from readers as well and take them into consideration in order to provide the best quality recipes and meal plans.