We’ve had many requests for an Once A Month Meals app for your smart phone and/or tablet. The best part about our site is that it is responsive, meaning no matter what device you are on, the site “responds” accordingly. Because of this, you don’t need an “app” as you can access it from anywhere! All of the sites features are available to you on your mobile device. For those of you wanting to use your phone for your shopping list, you can open up your menu on your phone and access the shopping list. You can check off items that you have already purchased. Leave it open or available on your phone, and then head to the grocery store. As you shop, continue your clicking! Please note, that if the current functionality does not allow us to save across devices right now, meaning changes you make on your computer or ipad will not be available when you open the shopping list on your phone. So please use the device with which you are going to shop.

If you would like to create an easy to find “app” button on your phone, here is a simple to follow tutorial video on how to do just that on your iOS devices:


If you have an android device, follow the guidelines outlined here until we can get a custom video for OAMM made just for you too!