You can create a NEW menu from a single recipe.

How to Make a New Menu From A Recipe

    1. Search for a recipe within the main recipe search page.
    2. Click and choose to view the recipe.
    3. Once in the recipe page itself, below the description, you will see a section called “My Menus” with 5 menu slots available to you.
    4. To create a new menu from that recipe, simply click the teal dotted lined box labeled “+Start a New Menu”. A new screen will appear for you to type in a name for your menu, then click the orange arrow to submit it and start your new menu.

*You will only see this option if you have less than 4 menus. 5 menus is the max.

  • You will receive a notification in the upper right-hand of your screen confirming the addition and will re-route you to your new menu.”


I can’t create a menu from a single recipe because I already have 5 menus. What do I do?

In order to create a NEW menu from a recipe, you must have 4 menu slots or less. If you already have 5 menus saved to your “My Menus,” then you must delete a menu in order to have room.