Delete & remove recipes from your meal plan, within the meal plan itself.

How to delete a recipe:

  • Go to the meal plan you wish to delete the recipe from.
    *The meal plan must have been added to your “My Meal Plans” in order for it to be editable
  • Go the “Recipes” section of your meal plan and find the recipe you wish to delete and remove
  • Hover over the trash can icon and the icon will then appear red.
  • Once the trash can icon appears red, you can click to delete the recipe.
  • Once clicked and the recipe is removed, a red notification should appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen verifying the deletion and removal of the recipe.

Delete the recipe on accident?

No worries, simply choose to “Add a Recipe” to search for it.

See the instructions on “How to Add a Recipe to a Meal Plan” here.