Yes, we currently offer monthly membership options.  We also offer quarterly memberships and yearly memberships, which typically result in savings each month.

It’s very simple to purchase one month at a time to allow you the convenience and ability to come and go as you please!

Step 1: Purchase a monthly membership.

Step 2: Then Cancel

Once your payment is complete and you have received a confirmation email – immediately cancel your membership. This will give you access to the site and resources up through the time you are paid for without recurring a payment for the following month.

When you are ready to return, you can make a purchase as you first did and simply choose “existing member” and you can use your established credentials.

Of course, we are available to chat in the bottom right-hand corner or we can be reached at triciac@onceamonthmeals. If you need additional help or want to confirm you’ve successfully cancelled or reactivated your membership!