You are a
“Dump and Stir Enthusiast”!

You have reached your first fork in the path! You can choose to continue as a “Dump and Stir Enthusiast,” or you can choose to further your journey towards Stage 5: The “Mix It Up Master” with slightly more complex freezer cooking!


Make More “Dump and Go” Recipes and Meal Plans!

Continue using your Once A Month Meals membership so you have 2 weeks’ worth of meals! Use these recipes and meal plans with “dump and go” ingredients to fill your freezer in no time at all!


Be a Freezer Cooking Ambassador!

Having achieved your goals at this stage, one of the best things you can do to cement your learning is to share it with others! After all, the best way to learn is to teach!

How to Become an Ambassador:

  • Identify your favorite stage of freezer cooking.
  • Encourage someone at that stage to choose a meal plan, plan their day, review their recipes, and/or agree to be their personal cheerleader and accountability buddy!
  • Volunteer to assist and be sous chef to a friend or family member with their first freezer cooking day!
  • Lead a group cooking day or group cooking swap!

Your FREE Freezer Cooking Success Guide!

What is included:

  1. Your Freezer Cooking Personality Action Plan
  2. How to Freezer Cook With Once A Month Meals
  3. Your Freezer Meal Plan Checklist

Are You Ready to Increase Your Freezer Cooking Game?

Some of you will find that being a “Dump and Stir Enthusiast” is the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with achieving this stage of freezer cooking and staying here!

Others of you may be wanting more variety of meal types, more use of different appliances, and/or would like to make more than 10 meals at one time. If this describes you, you are ready to . . .

Become a
“Mix It Up Master”

“My sweet spot for freezer cooking is preparing for meals for 2-3 weeks that are a nice mix of easy recipes with dump and go ingredients, as well as some of our favorite baked and stovetop meals that require a little more effort. I like to mix it up just enough to challenge myself, and my family, to try new things!”

Your Next Goals: 

Complete Two “Mixed” Mini Meal Plans:

  1. One Once A Month Meals made “Mixed” Mini Meal Plan:
    • This is a Once A Month Meals made meal plan made up of 5 “Mixed” recipes that will double to make 10 freezer meals. These meals will use a variety of cook and prep types. For example, stovetop, baked, slow cooker and more.
  2. One Custom “Mixed” Mini Meal Plan that you create of your own!
    • This is a meal plan you get to customize that is made up of 5 “Mixed” recipes that will double to make 10 freezer meals.These meals will use a variety of cook and prep types. For example, stovetop, baked, slow cooker and more.

Your Next Action Items!

1. Pick A “Mixed” Mini Meal Plan!

2. Create Your Own “Mixed” Meal Plan!

  • Create your own “Mixed” Mini Meal Plan by choosing only 5 recipes of any cooking type.
    • We recommend that you choose no more than 2 baked recipes on your cooking day. We do this to speed up your cooking time. Multiple baked items take much longer cook back to back. You can filter specifically for “Cooking Day Cook Types” on our recipes page.
    • This is also a GREAT time to go back and visit your “favorite recipes” list. Identify those that are NOT “Dump and Go” Recipes and add those to your meal plan, or try some new recipes!
  • Schedule a day to cook to keep yourself accountable!
  • Follow the My Freezer Meal Plan Checklist

3. Favorite Recipes You Like!

Did you try something new to you? If AFTER trying each meal, you or your family like it, head on over and favorite that recipe so you remember later.

4. Share Your Experience!

Share (experience, cooking day, pictures, etc) with us on Instagram or Tiktok! (#oamm, #onceamonthmeals)

**If you have completed the above actions then you are ready to move on… don’t try to skip ahead without completing this stage! 

I have completed these actions and milestones!


Terms to Remember

  • Mini Meal Plan = 5 recipes doubled 10 meals
  • Mixed” Mini Meal Plan = a meal plan made up of a variety of recipes that include multiple cook and prep types. For ex: stovetop, baked, slow cooker, and more.
  • Once A Month Meals Made = we made it for you
  • Custom = you made it yourself

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