Fall Instant Pot Easy Assembly Mini Menu Vol. 1

Easily assemble 20 meals that go from freezer to Instant Pot! Fall busy season has never been easier with these quick dinners; perfect for back-to-school! Plus you can check out our Fall Slow Cooker Easy Assembly Mini Menu Vol. 1 if you want to make these in the Crockpot instead. Same recipes, 2 easy ways to cook them up!

Wish you had a meal planned?

We make it easy to plan and cook freezer meals ahead of time.

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10 Dinners


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    1. It depends on how many servings you will be doing. A 6 qt is typically good for up to 6 to 8 servings depending upon what you are cooking.

  1. I love love love my 8qt. I cannot imagine using a smaller one. Of course smaller would work much of the time. But the larger cooks a gorgeous 8″ cheesecake :). Plus a giant whole chicken, I raise and butcher my own and they are monsters. Plus I have five children, need I say more. 🙂

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